Study Skills Coaching

Equip your child with the confidence and know-how they need to reach their full potential in their GCSE and A-Level exams.

You want to be the best parent you can be. You want to feel like you have given your child the best possible start in life. You know it’s important that they feel loved, confident and secure and you know how to do this stuff.

However, you don’t want to let them down because you don’t feel equipped to help them with the modern education system. You worry about the distractions of modern day living like smartphones and snapchat. And, you’re deeply concerned about the pressure that young people are under these days and you want to shield your child from stress. But, you know that in this day and age good grades are vital for your child’s future success.

That’s where I come in.

I work with families to equip their children with the learning strategies and revision techniques they need to excel in their exams. I provide practical tips on getting students organised and prepared for their exams as well as the long-term study skills that will build them up to exams in a stress-free way (as well as making them more independent and employable).

With the right attitude, routine, revision techniques and plan (as well as some good old-fashioned hard work!) good grades are attainable for everyone.

By working with me through one of my one-to-one or group coaching programmes you can make grades that you previously believed were unattainable a reality and fulfill your dream of a place at your first choice of university.

These are the ways you can work with me.


Revision Planning Kickstarter

Is your child struggling to get started with their revision? Are they over-whelmed by how much there is to do? Do they even actually know how to revise?

By following this two hour workshop recording your child will:

  • Prioritise their revision so that they can create a personalised and flexible revision plan that perfectly suits their needs
  • Identify the revision techniques they should be using and which ones they should stop using once and for all
  • Learn some quick, simple and effective ways of revising that they can use every single day

One-to-one coaching options

Option 1: Exam Season Special

Only available in April, May and June.

How do you think your son or daughter is getting on with their revision? In exam season I start getting emails asking for help for a number of reasons and I wondered if you’d noticed any of these things in your child?

  • They just can’t seem to get motivated to revise
  • They seem to be in total denial about their upcoming exams and are procrastinating like they’ve got years, not weeks
  • They feel totally over-whelmed by how much there is to do and this is stopping them from getting started
  • They don’t actually know where to start with their revision
  • They haven’t started to revise because they don’t know how and you don’t know how to help them
  • They’re revising but they don’t seem to be making any progress and things just don’t seem to stick in their head

Exam season really is crunch time and you have no time to waste if you're experiencing any of the issues I've talked about. So, for exam season only, I offer single one hour revision coaching sessions. 

My promise to you

  • Before the session you will email me to tell me what your child’s most pressing revision problems are. I will only book them in if I know that I can help them.
  • The session will be focused on dealing with the biggest problems your child is facing with their revision so that as soon it’s over they’re in a position to hit the books with confidence and the right attitude
  • Once we’ve dealt with their biggest revision struggles they can ask me anything else that will help you to make progress with your revision
  • Once our session is over I will email you and your child a summary of what we covered in our session and the next steps to get your child’s revision moving
  • I will follow-up with you by email in the following week to see how things are going and answer any further questions that may have come up in the time in between.

By the end of the hour I promise to have removed the things that are getting in your child’s way and to have given you both a clear action plan on how to move forward.

Where will it take place?

I do all my coaching online as it’s much quicker and more efficient for you and for me. I use zoom video conferencing, which is a bit like skype but has (in my experience) a more secure connection so we don’t have interruptions. When you book I’ll send you the link to my zoom room.

When are the sessions?

I will need to fit these single sessions around my long-term clients so please email me to find out if we can find at mutually acceptable time. My email address is

How much does it cost?

The cost of your one off session will be £145.

How to book

If this sounds like just the thing your child needs to get their revision finally moving in the right direction just email me at telling me:

  1. What your child’s greatest revision struggle is
  2. Your preferred time for the session.
  3. What year group your child is in and what subjects they’re studying.

I can’t wait to give your child’s revision a serious kickstart!

Results I've achieved for students in the past

  • One student earned 10A*s and 2As in her GCSEs after working with me for six months
  • A university student went from scraping through her exams and getting into the second year by the skin of her teeth, saying she had no idea how to study, to being confident and focused about her revision and passing all her exams first time to get onto the third year of her degree course and be allowed to follow the Honours programme.
  • A year 12 student came to me with learning difficulties and no confidence and is now predicted A grades in all four of her subjects, earning an A* for her mock English Literature exam. She has been working with me 1:1 for four months.
  • After six weeks one year 12 client went from having no self-belief to actually taking responsibility for her results and really putting in the work

Option 2: The Grade Maker Experience

Your child tries. Really hard. At school, at home and often on the bus. They really want to do well (and you want that for them too). However, their grades are OK, they’re nearly there, but both of you can’t help but think they’ve got the potential to do just that little bit better.

You suspect that the revision techniques they’re using are a bit old-fashioned and not the best possible and you’re sure that they’re not studying in the most effective way possible. Their smartphone and the internet are constant distractions and , sometimes, after a long day at school, they just run out of motivation. Sometimes they head off to school tired after lying awake at night worrying about their studies, their grades and their future (and you’re not much different).

What you want is guidance, confidence and certainty that you’re doing the right things to help them to do their best, without piling on the pressure or becoming a nagging parent. You want your child to be equipped with the right study skills and revision techniques so that every study session is productive and useful. You want them to get rid of the bad study habits that you both know, in your heart of hearts, are holding them back. Above all, you want them to feel calmly confident that they have everything they need to do their very best in their exams.

You can have all this.

The Grade Maker Experience is your path to achieving it.

In this six week programme your child will:

  • Complete a one hour ‘Get motivated’ session designed to clarify and boost their motivation so that when they’re tired, disheartened by a set-back or just can’t be bothered they have the willpower and a compelling reason to carry on with their studies.
  •  Create and perfect a weekly schedule that will keep their studies and their life perfectly in balance, so that they can get the grades you both aspire to whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This will give them the stamina and endurance to finish the school year strong, just when it counts.
  • Think deeply about the learning techniques that work best for them so that when it comes to exam season they don't waste time on the revision method that works for their best friend but stick to the things that are going to make their revision fun, enjoyable and successful.
  • Develop a deep-seated confidence in their own academic abilities as they see their work improve so that when they do come up against difficult tasks, set-backs or attacks of exam nerves they’ll be able to carry on regardless
  • Get special attention on their own worries, exam niggles and areas of concern on a weekly basis.
  • A report to you after three weeks and at the end of our time working together summarising how they're doing and what key areas they still need to work on so that you know how to support them once our time together is over.
  • Weekly skype or phone coaching sessions
  • Full email support between our weekly coaching sessions so that your child is never left alone, worried or floundering about how to cope with any study situation during our time working together

Option 3: Best in Class Experience

In your heart of hearts you know your child is bright and intelligent and that they should be getting the top grades. However, your belief in their abilities has been disappointed after a set of bad exam results and their confidence has been severely knocked. You both know they could have worked harder, they just found it really hard to get focused. Procrastination often gets the better of them. Studying feels like this tireless slog and the more they procrastinate the more they get behind and therefore they procrastinate some more.

You know they’re capable of achieving their dream of a place at a Russell Group university, or to go to medical school, and you’ve even considered Oxbridge (but that just feels unattainable). They want to have the self-discipline to study hard and have a sense of satisfaction after every study session. Ultimately, you both want them to have the grades that will give access to their dreams and make you both proud.

However, as a family you just don’t seem to be able to make this happen.

That’s where I come in. You see it isn’t a lack of intelligence that’s holding your child back. All that’s needed is some firm and fair guidance and accountability to set your child on the right track and keep them there. You both need someone who is completely on your side and there for you cheering you on every step of the way. With this there’ll be no holding you back.

My year-long Best in Class accountability programme is designed to support, encourage and empower your child to get the grades you know they’re capable of. The programme includes:

  • A one hour ‘Get motivated’ session designed to clarify and boost motivation so that when your son or daughter is tired, burnt out or disheartened they have the willpower to carry on with their studies.
  • Creating and perfecting a weekly schedule that will keep their studies and their life perfectly in balance, so that they can get the grades they aspire to whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This will give them the stamina and endurance to finish the school year strong, just when it counts. We will continue to tweak and refine this schedule together so that it serves them throughout the school year.
  • Thinking deeply about the learning techniques that work best for them, practicing them and assessing how they’re serving your child so that when it comes to exam season they don’t waste time on the revision methods that don’t work for them but ones that are going to make their revision fun, enjoyable, successful and efficient.
  • Personalised solutions to their time management, procrastination and distraction issues so that you are able to be really productive in your study sessions and switch off and enjoy life when they’re over.
  • Developing a deep-seated confidence in their academic abilities as they see their work improve so that when they do come up against difficult tasks, setbacks or serious attacks of exam nerves they’ll be able to carry on regardless. They’ll also have me cheering them on every step of the way so that they never, ever feel stuck and alone in the face of adversity again.
  • Weekly coaching calls from when we start working together until they finish taking their exams the following summer so that they’ll always have someone there to listen to their study problems and give them solutions. They’ll never be left procrastinating for weeks on end again. I’ll provide them with the guidance, accountability, reality-checks and support that they need to stay focused and on track week-by-week until they’ve finished their exams.
  • Full email support between coaching calls so that they can reach out to me at any time with any study problem they may have and get a detailed, encouraging reply. You can also use this as a key accountability tool - telling me hour by hour what you’re going to study and how it went. You’ll always be answerable to me so you keep your head down and stop procrastination from getting the better of you.
  • Half-termly reports you as a parent about how your child is getting on so you know what’s going well, what they’re struggling with and what you can do to help.
  • All sessions are held by skype or phone so there is no annoying and inefficient travel time. The sessions can be easily slotted into a study schedule with minimal disruption.

The key difference between the Grade Maker Experience and the Best in Class Experience is the guidance, support and accountability that you will receive over the long-term. If you need someone to help your child to develop their self-discipline and accountability then the Best in Class experience is the option for you. If you’re unsure which option to choose book a free call with me and we can talk about it together.

Your investment for the full 10 month (September to June) programme is £3000. If you start at a later in the school year this amount will be discounted according to how many months of the school year you've missed. You may pay monthly.

How to book

Step 1. Book a free, complimentary call with me so that we can get to know each other better. You can do that right here. It’s best if both you and your child come along to this call so we’re all happy to work together going forward.

Step 2. Complete this short, online questionnaire

Step 3. At the time you’ve booked we’ll talk. We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit for each other before you commit.

Step 4. Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

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