Exam Technique


Is your child putting hours into their revision, but they still can't seem to improve their marks?

Their problem is probably with their exam technique - and I can help with that.

Buy my 90 minute Exam Technique Masterclass recording so that they can:

  • Learn how to identify command and content words so that they always understand the question and can therefore give the answer the examiner is looking for
  • Understand how to use command and content words, as well as the number of marks available for the question, to help them plan a logical structure for every answer they write - and thereby gain more marks
  • Recognise the difference between point marking and level marking so that they can adapt their answer to the type or marking that's being used and maximise their marks
  • Efficiently and effectively plan and structure essays so that they can give the examiner the logical, well-structured and complete answer they want to read
  • Manage their time in the exam effectively so that they don't run out of time on important questions or fail to answer longer questions properly
  • Have the tools they need to practice their exam technique, and see consistent improvement, throughout the rest of revision season

This masterclass is very practical - I will show real-life examples of exam questions and get students to write their own answers to questions during the masterclass.

What do I get?

  • A PDF document will download when you pay explaining how to use the masterclass and a link to the video recording
  • An email sent straight to your inbox with the workshop handout - which you will need to print before watching the Masterclass
  • Lots of great tips on how to improve exam technique.

How much is it?

The workshop will be £45 per student. This amount is non-refundable.

"My daughter took part in Lucy's October revision planning workshop and found it incredibly useful and really enjoyed interacting with all the others taking part. She started the workshop feeling very overwhelmed by the prospect of revision and finished with a clear vision of how and where to start. Would definitely recommend!" Kate Holgate, Mother of a GCSE Student

Who is running the workshop?

That would be me!

My name is Lucy Parsons. At school I developed a study system that earned me five As at A level and a place at Cambridge University. I taught geography in secondary schools for four years and now coach students in exam skills. I am also the author of The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take.

"We have done Lucy's revision workshop with my 15 year old son, and it made a big difference to the way he applied himself to revision during half term. Prior to the workshop he had to be nagged to revise, and despite being reminded (!) about making a plan it didn't materialise. After the workshop, which he really engaged with for 2 hours, he has followed the advice, he has a plan and he does revision himself at least part of the time he should. We will definitely be working with Lucy again." Cathy Wassell, Mother of a GCSE Student