Lucy Parsons speakingDo your students need help with any of the following?

  • Study skills and how to revise
  • Writing a top quality UCAS personal statement
  • Getting into Oxford or Cambridge

I offer a variety of masterclasses and workshops to help you with these.



“Lucy has worked with us on a number of occasions running revision workshops for our Upper Sixth students. These are always among the most highly rated sessions our students do each year with many commenting that they feel more confident about their exams and excited to get started. Lucy shares a range of revision ideas that students can use immediately, and we see her ideas being used months later, clear evidence that the students have found them useful. Lucy is also really helpful in reflecting what we do as a Sixth Form, pointing out to students where they have met ideas before and reinforcing our work. She confidently challenges students to take ownership of their learning. She has also worked with our Oxbridge candidates to draw up super curricular profiles and personal statements. Having met with her they report feeling much more confident as to what should be included in their statements and with clear ideas as to how to progress their private reading or study. Again these things are instantly actionable and students leave the session with a clear plan as to how to grow their profile over the coming months. Following Lucy’s workshop last year we had our highest ever number of Oxbridge applicants.” Caroline Rogerson, Assistant Head, Hill House School

Revision Masterclass

In this practical and interactive session I show your students how to revise efficiently and effectively. Students will go away with increased confidence in how to revise and a clear plan to make it happen.

I offer this in two formats:

  • One hour session delivered to groups of up to thirty. This gives students a top level understanding of how they should revise and a revision plan that they can use going forwards. I can deliver this workshop up to five times in one day.
  • All day workshop for up to thirty students. In this version we go much deeper into different revision techniques that can be used for long and short term revision as well as having time for students to practice different revision techniques and reflect on what works for them.

Suitable for students in years 10, 11, 12 and 13.

“Exam time is always stressful for students and many were of the belief that they did not know where to start their revision and therefore putting itHayley Watkinson Gateway College off or not starting at all. Lucy’s Revision Masterclass gave students the confidence to learn strategies which will help them with future revision techniques. By the end of the session students were feeling far more positive about revision and knew exactly what they needed to focus on, students told me that they felt confident about their exams and would actually look forward to sitting them with confidence.

I would thoroughly recommend Lucy to all schools especially year 11s and year 13s to learn that exams are not to be afraid of but to rise to the challenge.” Hayley Watkinson, Programme Area Manager Social Science and Psychology, Gateway College, Leicester


“Thanks for a great day today. My students were really positive and we enjoyed having you – we look forward to working together again in the future!” Paul Pomertantz, Head of Sixth Form, Kingsthorpe College, Northampton.

To find out more about the Revision Masterclass, click here.

To book

Email me (lucy@lifemoreextraordinary.com) giving me more details about the needs of your students, your location and any other relevant details.

Back to School

When students start the school year in the right way they’re more likely to finish it with the exam grades they need and deserve. This session is all about setting up the right motivating goals, systems and time management techniques so that your students are building towards success right from the beginning of the school year.

Suitable for students in years 10, 11, 12 and 13.

To book

Email me (lucy@lifemoreextraordinary.com) giving me more details about the needs of your students, your location and any other relevant details.

“Lucy worked with around 35 of our year 10 and 11 students for the day.  She was really inspiring and provided our students with a simple, step by step, guide to effective preparation for their exams.  The students came away from the day extremely positive.  Lucy really transformed the views our students had of revision.  Thank-you Lucy!” Steve Jump, Assistant Head-Teacher at John F Kennedy School, Hemel Hempstead.

Preparing a UCAS application that gets a ‘Yes’ every time

In this workshop students will:

  • Gain a strong understanding of what admissions are looking in successful personal statement
  • Build a personalised action plan to complete the kinds of activities will impress when they write about them in their UCAS personal statement

Suitable for students in Year 12.

To book

Email me (lucy@lifemoreextraordinary.com) giving me more details about the needs of your students, your location and any other relevant details.

Personal statements in one day

Lucy Parsons speakingImagine what it would be like to get every university applicant to write the first draft of their personal statement in one day. You’d cut down on the confusion, chasing and hassle involved in trying to chase each individual to get something down on paper.

By the end of this day every young person in your school who is applying to university this year will have a first draft of their personal statement. If they don’t have sufficient activities to write about they’ll have an action plan to collect the kind of experiences that will impress admissions tutors.

Suitable for students at the end of year 12 or beginning of year 13.

To book

Email me (lucy@lifemoreextraordinary.com) giving me more details about the needs of your students, your location and any other relevant details.

Get into Oxbridge

Do you have students who are interested in going to Oxford or Cambridge? Are there students who you think should apply but believe it to be unattainable?

In this passionate keynote I cover these topics:

  • How you know whether you stand a chance of getting into Oxbridge
  • What the application process involves
  • Why you should give it a go whether you believe you can or not
  • How going to Cambridge changed my life

Suitable for students who are in the early stages of considering applying to Oxford or Cambridge.

John Ditchburn, Guilsborough“Lucy has provided very good support to our students applying to Oxbridge. Her passion, drive and self belief inspires students to think beyond what they have previously believed is possible. She was able to provide real encouragement to students who were unsure about what the Oxbridge application process has involved with the result that all three who applied obtained interviews at Cambridge this year. Lucy’s personal approach with the excellent web-based communication can provide excellent support for students applying to Oxbridge.” Mr J Ditchburn, Leading Tutor Year 13 and Teacher of Geography

To book

Email me (lucy@lifemoreextraordinary.com) giving me more details about the needs of your students, your location and any other relevant details.

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