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Is your child aiming for Oxbridge or a top Russell Group University?

Did you know that getting the grades is only the first step? It takes much more than this to be offered a place.

From entrance exams to personal statements and interviews there are a lot of hurdles your child needs to jump in order to achieve their goal.

My name is Lucy Parsons. I am a Cambridge graduate, former secondary school teacher, academic mentor and author of The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take.

I can help you navigate the university application process in a manageable, and even enjoyable way, and make sure your child also gets the summer holiday they need after a long year at school.

What is the Top Ten Mastermind?

The Top Ten Mastermind is a group coaching programme for students in years 11 and 12 who are aiming to apply to the UK's premier universities.

When your child takes part in the mastermind they will:

  • Identify which courses and universities they wish to apply to so that they can narrow down the activities they need to undertake to put together an exceptional application
  • Plan a set of activities that will truly impress admissions tutors, as well as deepen and widen their education, so that they can write confidently about their experiences in their personal statement and talk about them with ease if they are invited to interview
  • Be held accountable to executing their plan through the summer months so that when they go back to school they can focus on getting the grades, without the distraction of all these extra activities

What you will get when you sign your child up for the Top Ten Mastermind:

  • A minimum of three live group coaching calls on the video conferencing platform, Zoom, to introduce the main things they need to be doing with their time, create their plan, keep them on track and give them ideas as a result of being in a like-minded group of students. Two calls will take place in July, with the other in September. I may add in extra calls if the group needs it at no extra cost.
  • Three one-to-one coaching calls with me to keep them on track and so that they can ask questions about their individual circumstances. They will get one call in July, one in August and one in September
  • Supporting materials to help them create streamlined and logical plans for their supra-curricular activities
  • Access to my guide to further reading
  • Access to my e-course on writing personal statements (students have been granted interviews at both Oxford and Cambridge after using this course) (worth £45)

What you won't get when you sign your child up for the Top Ten Mastermind:

  • Practice interviews. In some cases I will be able to do practice interviews for students at an extra cost, or point you towards someone better qualified ( i.e. they have a degree in the right subject) 
  • Help with entrance exams or tests. Again, I can point you in the direction of people who can help with this

How much does this cost?

The total cost for the three month group coaching programme is £350. 

If you are interested in your child taking part, please book a free 15 minute call with me to check whether you are a good fit for the course, and whether I'm a good fit for you. Please only book a time when both you and your child can join the call. This is a good time for you to ask any questions you have.

Is your child a good fit for The Top Ten Mastermind?

In order to take part your child must:

  • Be predicted, or already have, mainly As or 7s and above at GCSE. If they are in year 12 they should be on track to get As and A*s at A Level.
  • Be prepared to do the work - I can't do the work for them, it has to come from them
  • Work well in a group environment and be willing to share their own successes and struggles with others

When does it start?

The first call will happen sometime after Wednesday 4th July. I am collaborating with the people who want to sign-up to determine the exact dates and times.

The third call will be on Wednesday 5th September at 7:30 pm.

You will be able to book one-to-one calls with me at a mutually convenient time using my calendar booking system.

Frequently asked questions

Why a group programme?

Taking part in a group programme will benefit your child in several ways:

  • They will be inspired by the kinds of activities the other students are doing to build out their university applications
  • They will be able to mix with like-minded, ambitious and talented young people (which isn't always the case at school)
  • It's far more cost effective than working with me one-to-one

How many people will be taking part

I will be taking a maximum of ten students onto this programme so that I can give them all the attention that they deserve.

How do I know if this is right for my child?

Firstly, have a thorough read of this page to check that your child meets the criteria. If they do, book in a call with me so that we can make sure your child is a good fit for the programme. I want this to be a really great group of talented young people and will only be inviting people to join who are a good fit.

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