Does your child need help with their UCAS personal statement?

They've got the predicted grades, they've done all the further reading and work experience. But, now they don't know how to write about it in their personal statement.


  • They've never been very confident about writing (maths and science is more their thing), and they just don't know where to start with something so important
  • They love to write, but because this is so important, they've frozen like a rabbit in the headlights and just can't get started
  • They've got loads to write about but just can't seem to get the right message across which ends up in them getting lost and frustrated
  • Or, they have so much to write about that they just can't decide what to keep in and what to take out and you're both wondering how you're ever going to get it down to 4,000 characters

I'm here to help.

My name's Lucy Parsons. I help people like you get into the university of their dreams. I remember the day very well when I was told it was time to write my own personal statement. I had no idea where to start or what to write about. For someone who usually can't stop writing it was a very strange feeling. I always had something to say, but when it came to this particular piece of writing I was paralysed by writers' block.

In the end, I crafted a personal statement that got results. I was offered places at all six universities I applied to, including Cambridge where I was very happy to study for three years.

Later, I returned to Cambridge and trained to be a teacher.

I've brought together all my knowledge and experience of how to write personal statements and combined it with my teaching expertise to bring you this:

Newnham College graduation

Me on my graduation day in the gardens of my college, Newnham, in Cambridge

Your Complete Guide to a Winning Personal Statement

How would it feel if someone helped your child:

  • Brainstorm all the stuff from their whole life they could possibly write about in their personal statement? (I promise you, there's more than you realise for them to say!)
  • Cherry-pick what to include in their personal statement so that they can be sure to 'wow' admissions tutors with their passion and experience?
  • Create the perfect structure for their personal statement to give it that perfect flow and readability?
  • Write a captivating opening sentence that no admissions tutor could ignore?
  • Gave you all the steps to successfully editing and perfecting your personal statement so that it really shines?
Your complete guide to writing a winning personal statement

This is what some students said in answer to this question:

     "Like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. It would mean I'd done everything I could."

     "Like the stress was relieved off me. It would make me feel calm rather than scared."

I've got just the thing for you.

I've created a guide that will hold your child's hand through every step of writing their personal statement. When you buy, you will receive a guide in PDF and video format that will take you from a blank piece of paper to a finished and polished personal statement they can be proud of  - and you'll hardly believe it's talking about your baby!

 I bought Lucy's personal statement package for my son after he produced about 4 lines in as many weeks. With Lucy's help he produced a full statement which his tutor said was “excellent- one of the best he’d seen”!

What's inside?

The guide is split into three modules:

Module 1
Getting your head together

Forget that perplexed feeling of not knowing where to start, what the first word should be, or how to write the opening sentence.

We start in a safe and easy way that will show your child just how much amazing stuff they've got to write about in their personal statement.

I guide them through a brainstorming process, step-by-step, so that they go from feeling like they've got nothing to say to feeling totally confident that they've got plenty to fill those 4,000 characters.

This process is also designed to dig up the little gems that might have been forgotten about, but will help your child's personal statement to stand out from the crowd.

Module 2
Organizing your personal statement

Not sure how many paragraphs the personal statement should contain, what those paragraphs should focus on, or even if there should be paragraphs at all?

In this module I show your child how to:

  • Go through all the experiences they identified in module 1 
  • Identify which ones they really need to write about 
  • Put them into a coherent structure that actually makes sense.

I will show them exactly how to do this in a way that's truly personal to them so that it flows seamlessly for the admissions tutors who read it, whilst impressing them with your child's experience and individuality, and making totally sure that your child's statement is different from every other candidate in the country.

Module 3
Writing your personal statement

If actually putting pen to paper was the problem to begin with, in this module I will show you how to get started.

With all the groundwork we've done in modules 1 and 2 you will already know what's going to each paragraph.

In this module, I show you how to:

  • Craft a captivating opening line that really draws in admissions tutors, making them intrigued to find out more about your child
  • Fine-tune the flow of the statement as a whole
  • Edit and re-draft in a time-effective way so that the statement gets finished as quickly as possible
  • Write a closing paragraph that makes admissions tutors sure they want to say 'Yes!' to your child.

We also get inside the head of the admissions tutor. It's so important to 'get' the mind-set of the person you're writing for if you want to make a successful application for anything so that you make it a no-brainer for them to put you on the 'yes' pile and automatically offer you a place.

3 Easy Steps to a Killer Personal Statement


   "Prior to using ‘Your Guide to a Winning Personal Statement’ I found it difficult to gather all of my ideas together and put them in some sort of order to articulate them. I was struggling to make sense of it, getting it straight in my head what was required as well as what was relevant or not.

   ‘Your Guide to a Winning Personal Statement’ has made writing my personal statement easier, more manageable and less stressful as it has offered a clear, structured way of approaching the personal statement process, breaking it down into specific, detailed sections. It has also made it easier to pull all of my points and ideas together in one place, allowing me to see what is relevant and necessary. As well as this, it was a lot more reassuring having the videos, as it seems a lot more personal and puts you at ease knowing that Lucy is someone who can give advice, has been through the process, and knows what she is talking about!"

Laura Rowe, 17 Laura was offered an interview at Oxford on the strength of her application

Are you ready to make writing a personal statement an easy and enjoyable for your child?

The course is just £45.

Help your child get their personal statement done so that they can concentrate on their studies

   In Year 13 your child has a lot to think about. They need to study hard to get the grades they need for university. Once they've sent their application off they may be called for interviews. They probably have other stuff going on in their life too (part-time job, friends, hobbies, boyfriend / girlfriend?...)

   Getting their personal statement done and submitted means that they have one less thing to think about, stress about and take up their time. I'm offering you the chance to help your child to get this important job ticked off their list with confidence, so that you can both sleep better at night. 

Testimonial 3 Easy Steps to a Killer Personal Statement


   "Before working through this guide I was having the most trouble with showing my passion for the subject I want to study and also how to condense everything I've done into the most important parts needed. This guide has allowed me to show passion through relating different things I've done such as topic areas or courses/visits which I didn't think of myself. It also meant that I have organised everything I could possibly write and condensed it to one very important point per section which makes it so much easier to plan! I think using this guide will mean I won't have to do as many redrafts as I know what I need to write.  My favourite thing was the videos, as usually when organising a personal statement it's all pen to paper, whereas the videos gave guidance and also broke up the time a bit to make it more manageable. This guide really has helped me to control my stress which has been high! Thank you for making it more manageable and really helping to start to impress universities!"

Sophie Richardson, 17 - South Shields, UK.

Get your child's personal statement done, sorted and submitted

The course is just £45.

"Before I used this guide I was finding it difficult to make a start using a blank sheet of paper. I had some idea about an order but it was too vague, and the added pressure of the personal statement made me feel overwhelmed. The guide made writing my personal statement easier by having little sections for each point and having some examples to prompt in case I got stuck. The guide also helped as there are videos to help along the way and get an actual voice talking things through and explaining each key part. It also helped me feel more confident and I have realised there is a lot for me to write about in each little heading - therefore taking some stress off me and making it all more manageable." 


Falak, 17

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The course is just £45.

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