Would you like your child to reach their academic potential with less stress and more success?

The GCSE & A-Level years can be difficult for the whole family but it doesn't have to be this way.

Join me at my FREE webinar on Saturday 4th September at 10:30 am and:

  • Discover my step-by-step system that has helped hundreds of students reach their academic potential, and frequently exceed their expectations
  • Assess the areas you need to develop in this system so you go away with a clear path forward
  • Deep dive on motivation, mindset and revision planning to up your game in these three crucial areas

My promise to you...

At the end of the webinar you and your child will feel confident, calm and certain about how to reach academic goals and the support that’s available to you

For the best outcomes, parents & students should attend the webinar together.

Frequently asked questions

Should I watch with my son or daughter?

Yes! That's the best thing to do - when you learn together you can implement the things I teach you together, and you'll achieve so much more success. However, if nobody can watch with you, it's still worth seeing.

When is it available to watch?

The webinar is happening live on Saturday 4th SeptemberA recording will be available from the afternoon of Saturday 4th September until Friday 10th September. However, it's always best to come along live, if you possibly can, so that you can ask your questions and have the full interactive experience.

What do I need to watch?

You will need Zoom on your device to take part in the live webinar. You can download Zoom to a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. I would suggest that a larger screen will give you a better experience.

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