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You've successfully made your payment! I can't wait to start working with you.

All you need to do now is:

  • book your time with me
  • send me your personal statement and course details
  1. Book your time

Click on link below to see my calendar and book a time (that suits us both!). Our first call will be scheduled to last for 40 minutes, but if it takes a little longer that's OK, what's important is to get your personal statement right!

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2. Send me your personal statement

Please send your personal statement to me at this email address:

When you email can you also tell me:

  1. What course or courses you're applying to study (please give links to the course pages so that I can easily view them)
  2. Which universities you'd like to study at.

Please send me this information a minimum of 48 hours before our time together so that I have plenty of time to review it and gather my thoughts.

If you have any questions before we get started email me at the above address.

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