A message for students about joining The Extraordinaries Club

So, your mum or dad wants you to sign-up to The Extraordinaries Club. Your instant reaction is “Nooooo! Don’t make me do yet another thing to do with school!” You’re feeling overwhelmed, over-stretched and stressed. School keeps on piling on homework, there might be coursework to do, and they keep telling you that you really should […]

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How to stop nagging your child about homework and revision

Many of the parents I work with, particularly those in my Facebook group, Supportive Parents, Successful Students, tell me that they’re worried that they are nagging their children too much when it comes to homework and revision. They don’t like nagging, and worry that it will end up damaging their relationship with their child. Do […]

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How to persuade your parents to join The Extraordinaries Club

Maybe you’ve been following my blogs for a while and you’re signed up to my email newsletter. Maybe you hang around my Facebook page or Twitter account hungrily clicking on my tweets to get more inspiration and how-to advice to move you forwards with your exams. And, maybe you’ve been checking out the information page for my membership for […]

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How to overcome disagreements with your other half about your child’s studying

I’ve noticed recently that some discussions in my Facebook group, Supportive Parents, Successful Students, have centred around what to do when you and your partner disagree on aspects of your children’s studies. It’s hard enough getting teens to stay on task at times, so when parents disagree on things like how much studying their child […]

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“How is The Extraordinaries Club different to your book?”

If you’re considering joining The Extraordinaries Club, my online membership programme for families to help them through the exam years of GCSEs and A Levels, you might be wondering how it’s different to my book, The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take. In this blog post I’ll explain the differences and help […]

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