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Are your good intentions stopping your teen from living their best life?

I have to say I’m a bit nervous about writing this blog post. But, prompted by some recent very vulnerable (and brave) admissions by parent members of The Extraordinaries Club and interactions with parents of the students we work with over a number of years I feel moved to ask this: Are your good intentions […]

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Do mocks really matter?

Do mock exams really matter? Afterall, they’re mocks, not the real thing. In this blog we’re going to consider whether GCSE and A-Level mocks really matter and, ultimately, how seriously you should take them as a parent or a student. Do mocks really matter? What’s the point of mocks? Mocks are held for several reasons. 1. […]

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Introducing academic coach, Bill Morrison

Bill Morrison, the latest person to join our Academic Coaching team, understands, from his own experience, that academia and education do not always follow a straightforward path. This blog is a summary of my conversation with Bill, which you can listen to using the podcast player above or by searching for The School Success Formula […]

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A-Level Sociology: How to Revise and Succeed

A-Level Sociology is a relatively new subject but it’s becoming even more popular than traditional subjects like history and geography. So what exactly does being a successful A-Level Sociology student involve? How can you set yourself up to bank some good grades that will enable you to reach your goals beyond A-Levels? I interviewed Zoe […]

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5 Tips for Success at Religious Studies A-Level

If you’re taking Religious Studies as an A Level subject you need two main strengths: An ability to retain large amounts of information; and, Skill in evaluating and explaining your arguments effectively. In this article taken from my interview with expert Religious Studies A-Level teacher and examiner, Chris Eyre, we share some important tips on […]

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[Re-Release] The Ultimate Guide to the Academic Year: What Parents Should Expect When and Why

When you’re supporting your child to achieve their full potential at school it’s really helpful to understand the shape and dynamics of the academic year. It’s really all about long-term time-management – knowing what they should be doing and focusing on in each season of the school year. In this episode of The School Success […]

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Back to School Mindset reset

As we head back to school, hot on the heels of the two most difficult academic years ever experienced, it’s worth taking a moment to make sure your mind is the right place to succeed. Let’s review the situation we find ourselves in and think about how we can mentally prepare ourselves for the school […]

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3 Top Tips For New Year 12s to Start the Sixth Form Right

The step up from GCSE to A-Level study is a tricky one, and something that’s under-estimated by students and their parents alike. This means that every year we see students coming to us in the latter part of year 12, over the summer holiday and the beginning of year 13 who have got themselves into […]

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How to get the most out of Academic Coaching

Are you thinking about signing up for 1:1 Academic Coaching with Life More Extraordinary? It’s important to us that you get the most out of this experience – and making sure this happens starts before you even sign up for a preliminary call to discuss how we can help you. In this blog you’ll find […]

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The real achievement behind GCSE and A-Level results

Would it surprise you to know that I don’t just look at GCSE and A-Level grades as being a reflection of academic ability? To me, they’re not just a measure of how ‘clever’ someone is. Instead, GCSE and A-Level grades tell a story, boiled down into a letter or a number, of two years of […]

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