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The 3 Ms of Successful Revision

“How do you do successful revision?” That’s the key question that parents and students alike ask me. What they really want to know is: What kind of revision will lead to the best exam results possible? What kind of revision will feel like it’s productive and effective while you’re doing it, so that you stay […]

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How much revision should you do a day?

I’m frequently asked how much revision you should you do a day. Parents and students alike are looking for concrete numbers when they ask this question. However, the answer very much depends on the student concerned. In this article I’m going to give you: The ideal numbers for how many hours you should revise a […]

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[62] Why revision is like music practice or sports training

One thing I hear repeatedly from students is that the revision techniques they have tried ‘don’t work’. When I dig a bit deeper, they’ll say something like, “I made a couple of flashcards but they didn’t help.” I then ask, “How many times did you look at them?” And they’ll say, “Oh, a couple of […]

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