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A message for students about joining The Extraordinaries Club

So, your mum or dad wants you to sign-up to The Extraordinaries¬†Club. Your instant reaction is “Nooooo! Don’t make me do yet another thing to do with school!” You’re feeling overwhelmed, over-stretched and stressed. School keeps on piling on homework, there might be coursework to do, and they keep telling you that you really should […]

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[62] Why revision is like music practice or sports training

One thing I hear repeatedly from students is that the revision techniques they have tried ‘don’t work’. When I dig a bit deeper, they’ll say something like, “I made a couple of flashcards but they didn’t help.” I then ask, “How many times did you look at them?” And they’ll say, “Oh, a couple of […]

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“How is The Extraordinaries Club different to your book?”

If you’re considering joining The Extraordinaries Club, my online membership programme for families to help them through the exam years of GCSEs and A Levels, you might be wondering how it’s different to my book,¬†The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take. In this blog post I’ll explain the differences and help […]

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Behind the Scenes of The Extraordinaries Club

Hopefully you’ll have heard about my membership – The Extraordinaries Club. There is plenty of information about it on my blog, but you might be wondering what the membership site actually looks like once you’re a member. Watch the video below to take a peek inside… Behind the scenes of The Extraordinaries Club When you […]

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Announcing The Extraordinaries Club!

I have an incredibly exciting announcement to make: The Extraordinaries Club is now open! After years of dreaming, months of planning and weeks of getting it all ready, my brand new membership club is now open – and you can join today.   Announcing the Extraordinaries Club The Extraordinaries Club is the culmination of everything […]

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How to persuade your child that The Extraordinaries Club is right for them

You may have been checking out the information page about The Extraordinaries Club, my online club for the families of year 10-13 students supporting them through the exam years with less stress and more success, and wondering whether you should sign your family up for it. You may even have broached the subject with your […]

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[47] Exam Season SOS: How to help a child who hasn’t started to revise with one week to go

Exam season is bearing down on us. If your child hasn’t yet started to revise you need to read / listen to this because I’m going to share with you my tactics on how to make last-minute revision count. But, first, a word of warning. I do not advocate last-minute revision or cramming. It is […]

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