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3 Exam Technique Mistakes GCSE and A-Level Students Commonly Make

Is your teen struggling with their exam technique for their GCSEs or A-Levels? Exam technique is a skill that can be learned and practised so that your child can get better marks and grades. In this article we’ll talk about 3 exam technique mistakes that we commonly see GCSE and A-Level students making. They are: […]

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Lack of motivation might not be the REAL problem behind your child’s revision struggles

Does your child say that they’re just not motivated to get on with their revision or do their homework? This is one of the most common problems that I hear from students. They say: “I can’t get motivated to study!” Or, “I’ve got no motivation for my revision.” But, when I probe a little more […]

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Stop telling yourself the lie that you don’t have time to learn to study

Are you, or your teen, telling yourselves the lie that you don’t have time to learn to study? This is something I hear frequently. “I haven’t got time to learn to study, I’m too busy studying!” “I’m too frazzled to help my child learn to study!” I hear you. We’re all busy and, in many […]

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STOP! Is your teen learning to revise before having these foundational study skills in place?

Year after year I see families coming to us for help with revision quite late into year 11 or year 13. The trouble is, learning to revise effectively without having your foundational study skills in place is like building a house without foundations: everything is likely to topple over at the first sign of trouble. […]

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What grades don’t tell us (and how to assess yourself instead)

Do you want your child to get the top grades? Or, do you want them to get the best grades for them? The vast majority of the parents who choose to work with us at Life More Extraordinary Academic Coaching are looking for help so their children can reach their full academic potential – not […]

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Why a tutor isn’t necessarily the answer to your child’s study and revision problems

For many parents, when their children are struggling at school the immediate solution that springs to mind is to hire a private tutor. But, what if a tutor isn’t the solution to your child’s study and revision problems? In this article we’ll discuss: The typical problems GCSE and A-Level students experience (and why) How to […]

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Is nagging about revision ruining your relationship with your teen? Let’s talk about it…

One of the most horrible things about the GCSE and A-Level years for parents is watching your teen fritter away their time, forcing you into the position where you feel you have to nag them to get on with their revision. It’s so tough because, even though you’re doing it because you care, by nagging […]

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Study Habits for GCSE and A-Level Success

At the start of every year many people are making new year’s resolutions. However, there’s a very long history of resolutions failing. In The Extraordinaries Club we have a different approach to achieving our goals. This approach focuses around changing behaviours by creating better study habits. Study Habits for Success On our coaching calls in […]

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5 Tips for Success at Religious Studies A-Level

If you’re taking Religious Studies as an A Level subject you need two main strengths: An ability to retain large amounts of information; and, Skill in evaluating and explaining your arguments effectively. In this article taken from my interview with expert Religious Studies A-Level teacher and examiner, Chris Eyre, we share some important tips on […]

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