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Introducing Academic Coach, Yutong Zhou

Yutong Zhou, the latest Academic Coach to join our team, knows from her own experience just how much impact a coach can have on a student’s life. In this week’s podcast episode, I talked with Yutong about What brought her to academic coaching How her past experiences have shaped her perspective on coaching Her background […]

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Introducing Academic Coach, Sarah Olsen

Sarah Olsen is the latest person to join my team of Academic Coaches. Sarah has lots of expertise to share with your teen when it comes to their studies and she brings to the team her experience in helping students with goal setting, careers, mindset and more. In this interview, I talked to Sarah about […]

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Why a tutor isn’t necessarily the answer to your child’s study and revision problems

For many parents, when their children are struggling at school the immediate solution that springs to mind is to hire a private tutor. But, what if a tutor isn’t the solution to your child’s study and revision problems? In this article we’ll discuss: The typical problems GCSE and A-Level students experience (and why) How to […]

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Introducing Academic Coach, David Rendle

David Rendle is the latest coach to join the academic coaching team at Life More Extraordinary and brings with him a wealth of experience working with students and as a parent.  David considers himself a life-long learner with a passion for conveying the love of learning to others, which can be seen in his long […]

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Introducing academic coach, Bill Morrison

Bill Morrison, the latest person to join our Academic Coaching team, understands, from his own experience, that academia and education do not always follow a straightforward path. This blog is a summary of my conversation with Bill, which you can listen to using the podcast player above or by searching for The School Success Formula […]

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Open House – August 2021: Find out about how you can work with us

Did you miss our Open House on 17th August 2021? We invited people to come along who were interested in working with us in the 2021-2 academic year to:Find out how you can work with usUnderstand which way of working with us would be best for you (or whether it’s the right time for you at […]

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How to get the most out of Academic Coaching

Are you thinking about signing up for 1:1 Academic Coaching with Life More Extraordinary? It’s important to us that you get the most out of this experience – and making sure this happens starts before you even sign up for a preliminary call to discuss how we can help you. In this blog you’ll find […]

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Introducing Academic Coach, Zoe Holland

In this article I’d like to introduce you to Zoe Holland, who has joined my team as an academic coach, bringing a wealth of teaching and parenting experiences to the role. All about Zoe Holland, Academic Coach Zoe Holland is a recent Head of Sixth Form and senior leader with 21 years’ experience in teaching […]

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The accidental story of how I became an academic coach

Recently, one of the members of The Extraordinaries Club asked me how I became an academic coach and if I could write a blog post and publish a podcast episode about it. I thought as it’s Christmas week, you might quite like a story rather than a ‘how-to’. It’s not a straightforward story and I […]

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