[INVITATION] How to reach your academic potential with less stress and more success

I’m really excited to invite you to my brand new, fully revamped webinar How to reach your academic potential with less stress and more success. What you’ll discover in the webinar… The top 3 mistakes GCSE and A-Level students make when they’re preparing for their exams and why they’re costing you marks and grades My step-by-step system that has helped hundreds […]

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Why a tutor isn’t necessarily the answer to your child’s study and revision problems

For many parents, when their children are struggling at school the immediate solution that springs to mind is to hire a private tutor. But, what if a tutor isn’t the solution to your child’s study and revision problems? In this article we’ll discuss: The typical problems GCSE and A-Level students experience (and why) How to […]

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The best way to increase revision and exam confidence

One of the reasons many students fail to get started with their revision is that they have little/zero confidence: In how to revise – and that it will actually make a difference to their grades About how to do well in exams This lack of self belief stems from two places: Not having had success […]

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Is nagging about revision ruining your relationship with your teen? Let’s talk about…

One of the most horrible things about the GCSE and A-Level years for parents is watching your teen fritter away their time, forcing you into the position where you feel you have to nag them to get on with their revision. It’s so tough because, even though you’re doing it because you care, by nagging […]

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Why working harder isn’t always the answer to better grades

It breaks my heart when I see students pushing themselves to breaking point to do their revision. Life shouldn’t be like that for anyone, let alone our young people. Two particular examples stand out. Firstly, a young man emailed me in desperation saying he was studying for twelve hours per day. Secondly, someone who was […]

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Study Habits for GCSE and A-Level Success

At the start of every year many people are making new year’s resolutions. However, there’s a very long history of resolutions failing. In The Extraordinaries Club we have a different approach to achieving our goals. This approach focuses around changing behaviours by creating better study habits. Study Habits for Success On our coaching calls in […]

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How to ace GCSE RE

It’s always been important for GCSE Religious Studies students to understand the specification. But the exam boards have made changes to GCSE RE courses in recent years, making it even more vital to get to know the new specification thoroughly. In the lead up to the How to Revise GCSE RE Masterclass with Chris Eyre, […]

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How to stay motivated to study

So many parents tell me that their teenagers struggle with how to stay motivated to study.  Motivation tactics like using biscuits as a reward can incentivise your teen to revise in the short term, but is it the best way to encourage your teen to achieve?  I talked to motivation expert Sharath Jeevan to get […]

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Introducing Academic Coach, David Rendle

David Rendle is the latest coach to join the academic coaching team at Life More Extraordinary and brings with him a wealth of experience working with students and as a parent.  David considers himself a life-long learner with a passion for conveying the love of learning to others, which can be seen in his long […]

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Revision not working? This might be why…

Very few GCSE and A-Level students are taught how to revise by their schools. And, judging by the responses to a recent question on our Facebook page, those who are given some information about how to revise are confused. They’re getting seemingly conflicting advice and it grinds them to a halt because without certainty about […]

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