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How to revise GCSE English with 7 weeks to go

GCSE English can be overwhelming. Between the Literature and Language courses and the varying skills and knowledge needed for each, there’s a lot to master. There’s not much time left until summer exams start, so now’s the time to get everything clear in your head. Going forward, your revision should be strategic, make the most […]

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A-Level Politics: What You Need to Know to Succeed

Revising A-Level politics requires a different approach to any other A-Level subject. And, this year more than ever, it’s so important that A-Level politics students stay up to date with what’s going on in the world of politics.  I interviewed Zoe Holland, one of my academic coaches and an A-Level politics teacher with 21 years […]

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The best way to increase revision and exam confidence

One of the reasons many students fail to get started with their revision is that they have little/zero confidence: In how to revise – and that it will actually make a difference to their grades About how to do well in exams This lack of self belief stems from two places: Not having had success […]

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A-Level Geography: 5 things successful students do

Studying A-Level Geography is truly fascinating. However, it’s a very content-heavy subject with a lot of case study material to remember, which can overwhelm some students.   I interviewed David Rendle, a former Geography teacher with 25 years of experience and an A-Level examiner, to get some insight into how A-Level Geography students can set […]

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Frankenstein Exams: Why you shouldn’t fall apart because of a botched exam paper

Has your child fallen victim to a Frankenstein exam? If so, they might need help putting themselves, and their exams mindset, back together. In this article you’ll find out: What a Frankenstein exam is What’s the problem with Frankenstein exams? Why students get disappointing grades in Frankenstein exams How to put your child’s study and […]

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