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Why mock exams are more important than ever in 2020-1

Last week the Scottish government announced that they were cancelling the country’s National 5 exams, the Scottish equivalent of GCSEs, for students sitting them in the summer of 2021. They have also pushed the dates of their Higher and Advanced Higher exams back and are developing contingency plans for the cancellation of these exams, with […]

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How to get good at something and persevere

None of us is born knowing how to do anything, let alone being good at anything. Yes, some people pick some things up faster than others – one person might learn to read rapidly when another learns to skillfully wield a tennis racket much faster. But, we’re all initially blank slates. Ultimately, we all have […]

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You are your habits

Is your child struggling to adopt the habits of a ‘good student’? Maybe they just don’t seem to have the self-discipline or will power to pack their bag every night, write down their homework so they actually know what they’re supposed to be doing or consistently incorporate revision into their lives. Well, last weekend, I […]

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How to revise for A Level English Literature: 5 Common Myths and Misconceptions

Are you confused about how to revise for A Level English Literature? After all, it’s not like other subjects where you can memorise your knowledge and tick it off a list as you go. I interviewed Helen Chaplain, an incredible English teacher and tutor with ten years experience, an Oxford English graduate and my lead […]

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Why boundaries are essential to achieve your academic best

Do you have boundaries about: How you allow yourself to be treated? What you will allow and won’t allow in your life? What you are willing to do and when? Boundaries are fundamental to success, as well as self-respect. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen lots of instances of people breaching other people’s […]

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Should you join The Extraordinaries Club?

Are you considering joining The Extraordinaries Club but aren’t sure whether it’s the right support for you and your family? If so, you probably have questions like: What kind of results can I expect if I join The Extraordinaries Club (and how quickly?) What is included in membership of the club and how does it […]

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How to reach your academic potential post-lockdown

As we settle back into school after a long hiatus because of lockdown many students and parents are concerned about how students are going to reach their academic potential when their education has been so severely disrupted for much of 2020. In this podcast episode I’m going to: Highlight some of the challenges that young […]

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Understanding and overcoming teen trauma from school closures

As everyone heads back to school, each student is taking a different experience of lockdown and school closures with them. For some, this will have been a very happy period, spending quality time with family away from the over-stimulation of school. For others, it will have been very stressful and traumatic. In this interview Lisa […]

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Going back to school with confidence with Claire Jones

With nearly six months out of school because of the coronavirus lockdown, many students will be going back to the classroom for the first time in September. In this episode of The School Success Formula podcast I talk to children’s coach, Claire Jones, about how parents can support their children to go back to school […]

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Results day 2020: Putting this year’s GCSE and A Level results into perspective

In 2020, results day has taken on an extra layer of mystery and worry because nobody really knows how GCSE and A Level results are being awarded. Will schools have submitted mock grades, predicted grades or something in between based on classwork and assessments? With results day on the horizon I wanted to help put […]

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