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[63] How to entice teenage boys into a love of books, with Barbara Band

  How to entice teenage boys into a love of books Today I’m talking with my guest about how we can encourage teens, particularly boys, to not only read more, but learn to enjoy it.   About Barbara Band Barbara Band is an award-winning Chartered librarian with over twenty five years’ experience. Having worked in […]

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9 Common Concerns about Signing up for The Exam Success Formula

Signing up for The Exam Success Formula is a big decision. It’s not a small investment and there’s the time commitment to consider as well. It’s only natural for you to weigh up this decision carefully. In order to help you make the right decision I’ve highlighted ten common concerns about signing up for the […]

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How to keep calm and carry on when you’re studying

Are you finding yourself stressed out, over-whelmed and anxious during revision season? Do you find it difficult to concentrate and focus? Well, today I’m offering you a new solution. I’ve been meditating daily for nearly two years and it makes a massive difference to my mood and my patience. It also calms me down when […]

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How to Stand Out in an Oxford or Cambridge Personal Statement or Interview

It’s a question that comes up in the mind of anyone applying to the UK’s premier universities: “How do I stand out from all the other candidates?” The other day, Ami, a reader of my blog, wrote to me and asked me this exact question. Ami said: “I’m applying to Cambridge and to be honest […]

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Good marks: 7 ways character tops talent when it comes to getting good marks

Everyone wants good marks in their exams. Whether you’re taking your first GCSE or you’re in the final stretch of your A-Levels you’ll be gunning to do your level best. However, it can sometimes seem that those good marks are completely out of your reach. Maybe you believe that other people are more intelligent than […]

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