The Top Ten Reasons to Read a Self-Help Book

Top Ten Reasons to Read a Self-Help BookWhat's holding you back from achieving your dreams? Is it a lack of motivation? Shyness? Lack of productivity? Procrastination? Not knowing how to revise? Trying to do too much? Too many bad habits?

How are you going about solving these obstacles to your success?

I'll be honest with you. I used to scoff at people who read self-help books. I thought they were a cheesy, American innovation that people without deep inner resources and self knowledge used. However, I was wrong. Since I opened my mind to self-help books I've discovered that they can actually make amazing transformations in your life.

The Top Ten Reasons to Read a Self-Help Book

1. Stop allowing your weaknesses to hold you back

If you know that you procrastinate too much or you lack productivity how are you going to get yourself over it and start making progress towards your goals? Whatever you've been doing in the past clearly hasn't been working so you need a new approach. How are you going to find that new approach? Well a book, written by an expert in the field, is a great place to start.

2. The author is an expert

In order to have a publisher to approach you to write a book you need to be an expert in your field. Publishers aren't going to waste their valuable money and resources on authors who don't know their stuff. So, if it's in a book you can be sure that the advice is rated by somebody.

3. Increase your self-belief

When you learn about a solution to a problem you're having, implement it and see it working you'll increase your own confidence and self-belief. This will give you the momentum to keep moving forwards.

4. Increase your clarity and focus

Do you feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do and which ideas about how to move forward you should be using first? If you answered yes, then you need some clarity and focus. Choose a book that tackles a problem you know you've got by an author who you respect and use the book to tackle a specific set of challenges first. Once you've got those ones cracked, move on to the next set.

5. Open your mind to new approaches

You might have tried all sorts of ways to solve the problem you've got and be on the verge of giving up. However, you might just need a new approach or way of looking at the problem to help you make a massive leap forward. It will be quicker to find that approach in a book than trying to re-invent the wheel and solve the problem yourself.

6. Challenge yourself

Your comfort zone is a dangerous place to stay for long if you want to keep progressing and get better. When you read a self-help book and start to implement the things that it teaches you, you'll challenge yourself to move to a whole new level which can only be good for your progression.

7. Life is getting more competitive

If you want a good job, or to get into a good university, you need to make sure you're the cream of the crop. This doesn't happen by accident. It happens by paying attention to where you're lacking and doing something to improve yourself. It's not enough to have amazing grades these days – you need more.

8. The information is laid out in a logical and clear manner

Authors, when they're writing a book, have to think very carefully about how to structure the information they're giving in a logical and easily digestible manner. This means that, unlike all the free content that's out there on the internet on blogs and on youtube, the information is being presented to you in a thoughtful way that's going to help you to really make leaps forward and learn.

9. They're affordable

Books are relatively cheap to buy and free for you to borrow from libraries. They enable you to make massive leaps forward in your self-development at very little cost. Compare this with doing an online course, going to an in-person training event or studying for a qualification and you'll see how affordable and accessible they are.

10. Reading is easy to fit into your busy schedule

I know, you're busy. But reading is the easiest kind of self-development to fit into a busy schedule. While I don't read factual books last thing at night (they set my brain buzzing rather than relaxing me for sleep) there are usually lots of other opportunities during the day when you can grab five minutes to read. You might be on the bus, on the train, eating your breakfast, waiting for a lesson to start, in the doctor's waiting room etc.

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