How to write an incredibly useful book review on Amazon

How to write an Amazon ReviewReviews are loved by online customers everywhere. They help a prospective buyer to see how someone like them used a product, what they thought of it and whether they'd recommend it. Basically, it's an insight into whether it's going to solve the problem that the prospective customer is having.

I love reviews and find them incredibly useful, and I hope you do too. As my book, The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take is published today I thought I'd give you an insight into how to write a good book review that will help other customers make a decision as to whether a book will fit their needs and / or solve their problems.

How to leave an incredibly useful book review on Amazon

1. Give some background about you and your problem

Tell prospective customers what your situation is and some information about the problem you've been experiencing.

Here are some examples for ideal customers for my book:

  1. “I'm a year 13 student and I just received my mock results. My grades were really disappointing and I knew I needed some help with my revision.”
  2. “My son is in year 11 and really has no idea how to revise. I didn't really know how to help him (without having an enormous row).

2. Say how the book helped to solve your problem

Once they've identified whether other customers are like themselves, prospective customers will want to understand if the book really did solve their problems.

Here are some examples of what you might say:

  1. “The exercise that helped me to identify how I should revise was incredibly helpful. It made me see that I've been revising in the wrong way all along. I've now found some new, more interesting ways to revise and I'm remembering information much more successfully.”
  2. “My son now has a firm understanding of how to revise and is confident. He has been able to prioritise what he needs to learn first and is using past papers to great effect.”

3. Is there anything that the book couldn't help you with?

Prospective buyers will also want to know what the limits to the book are – basically if they had any problems that this book didn't help them with. This is essential if they're going to make an informed buying decision.

However, if the book fulfilled all your needs and solved your problems completely then there's no need to write about the limitations of the book.

4. Would you recommend the book to other readers?

Finally, say whether you'd recommend the book to other readers in a similar situation to you.

5. Detail matters

The thing that makes a review powerful is the level of detail that you include about yourself, your problems and how the book helped to solve those problems. Therefore, include as much detail as you can.

Will you leave my book a review?

The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever TakeIf you've bought a copy of my book, The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take, I'd be really grateful if you left a review so that other prospective customers can see if the book will solve the problems they're suffering from related to study skills and revision.

To leave a review, search for the book on Amazon and scroll down to the reviews section. There, you'll see a grey button which says ‘Write a customer review'.

If you haven't already bought a copy of my book, you can get yours here.


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