How to seem more confident than you actually feel

I walked into a room packed full of people I didn't know. The sight of them all stopped me in my tracks. For a second my courage left me and I felt like shrinking into a tiny ball or just turning around and leaving. But I didn't. I reminded myself why I was there with a quick pep-talk, pasted a smile on my face, pulled my shoulders back and got on with the day.

This happened to me quite recently when I went to an event in London where there were lots of small business owners who I didn't know. You can imagine my surprise when later in the day one of the other people there said to me

” Are you so confident because you wen to Cambridge?”

To be honest, this question knocked me for six. After the way I'd felt wlking into that room I could hardly believe someone I'd just met perceived me as confident.

I've had some time to reflect on it and here's my take on how to seem more confident that you actually feel.

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What do you think?

Do you suffer from a lack of confidence? What do you do to seem more confident than you actually feel? I'd love to hear how you manage this issue for yourself in the comments below.


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