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[47] Exam Season SOS: How to help a child who hasn’t started to revise with one week to go

Exam season is bearing down on us. If your child hasn’t yet started to revise you need to read / listen to this because I’m going to share with you my tactics on how to make last-minute revision count. But, first, a word of warning. I do not advocate last-minute revision or cramming. It is […]

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[45] How to stop social media from ruining your child’s grades

If your child cares more about completing their Snapchat streaks than getting their revision done and making the most of their potential you’re probably tearing your hair out in despair. In this post I’m going to give you some handy tips about how to stop social media from ruining your child’s grades. How to stop […]

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[43] How to use short-term motivation to get your child to revise

When it comes to studying for exams, I find there are two kinds of students: Those who are highly self-motivated and driven to do their best, like I was back in the day Those who find it really hard to get motivated and are easily distracted, like my sister who you’ll know about if you’ve […]

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[41] How to help your child achieve balance in revision season

One of the things I hear parents ask most often is, “How can I help my child have a balanced life and also get great grades in their exams?” This is a great question because it shows real awareness amongst parents that it’s important to achieve balance for both your child’s mental and physical wellbeing. In […]

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