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What’s the difference between personal statements for vocational courses and academic subjects?

If your child is applying for a vocational university course, it’s important that they understand what they need to do differently in their UCAS personal statement compared to students applying for academic subjects. In this article you’ll learn: What the difference is between vocational and academic university courses What’s different about applications for vocational university […]

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3 Personal Statement Mistakes to Avoid to Get University Offers

Year after year I see university applicants making the same 3 personal statement mistakes. These mistakes cost them lots of time, and would deprive them of offers at universities if they weren’t put right. Read on to find out what they are – so that you can avoid making them. 3 Personal Statement Mistakes to […]

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Help with achieving your goals this Christmas holiday

While it’s the Christmas holiday and your priorities should rightly be pulling crackers, opening presents and eating turkey you or your child might also have some important academic goals to achieve in these two weeks. I’m going to run through some of the academic priorities you might have right now and explain how I can […]

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[61] How one little app can reduce your student debt by thousands, with Myles Jardine

How one little app can reduce your student debt by thousands Today I talk to an enterprising man who, dismayed by the potential debt he would incur by going to university, began to look into alternative funding methods. He now shares what he found with students all over the UK who are looking to go […]

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