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How to edit a UCAS personal statement (video)

  Ugh! What a nightmare… You’ve spent hours writing your personal statement, brainstorming everything you’ve done that makes you the perfect candidate for your course, crafting an opening sentence and tweaking your words. However, you’re way over the 4,000 character limit that UCAS puts on personal statements and you have no idea what to cut […]

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The Best Twitter Accounts and Hashtags to Help you Improve Your Grades

  You must know by now that you should be reading around your subject/s for two very good reasons: It will help you get into university and is a great thing to write about in your UCAS personal statement It will help you get better grades because you’ll have a deeper and broader understanding of […]

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How to Avoid Cliches in Your Personal Statement

When you sit down to write your personal statement for the first time it can be really tempting to use age-old cliches like ‘I’ve always been fascinated by…’ or ‘I have a deep and enduring admiration for nurses/doctors/midwives’. However, you can quite easily avoid these cliches and I’m going to show you exactly how in today’s […]

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Personal statement: How to bring colour, life and orginality to your personal statement

When an admissions tutor reads your personal statement you want them to sit up and take notice. But, how do you do that? One way is by bringing colour, life and orginality to your writing. However, this can be really tough, especially when you’ve studied the same A-Level syllabus as thousands of other applicants all […]

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How do you get paid work that also helps you get into university?

If you want to go to university you know that there’s a lot that goes into writing a really effective personal statement. You’ll also know that university is a very expensive commitment. But how do you get paid  work that helps you get into university? For this week’s blog I interviewed recruitment specialist, Leah Stewart, about how […]

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University is priceless: why you can't put a price tag on a university education

I can’t stand it when people bang on about the price of university, whether it’s the media, parents and students or some of my lovely readers. I get it, money is very real. It buys you important stuff like food, clothes and a roof over your head. However, there are some things in life that you […]

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Engineering careers: solve the world's problems + a great starting salary

Would you like a career that: Uses all your intelligence, creativity, curiosity and problem solving abilities? Solves all the world’s most pressing problems like climate change and the aging population? Is at the cutting edge of technological and scientific development? Has more job opportunities than graduates, high starting salaries and rapid career progression? If you […]

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