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Life More Extraordinary

I am an Academic Coach.

I empower ambitious students to get the top grades in their exams and into their first choice of university.

I work with parents, students and schools in order to do this.

Which are you?

When I decided I wanted to study at Cambridge University I didn’t know how to make it happen.

I knew you had to get exceptionally good grades - but how did you do that?

I knew you had to write a compelling personal statement - but what should I put in it?

I knew you had to go through a rigorous interview process - but how could I prepare?

I was an ordinary state-school girl without the advantages of a student at a top private school.

But I did it.

My name is Lucy Parsons. I earned 5 A grades at A-level, studied at Cambridge University and am an experienced secondary school teacher. I want to share my secrets to academic success with you.

I will show you:
  • How to get the top grades in your exams

  • How to write a personal statement that gets you into your first choice of university

  • How to have the very best chance of getting into Oxford or Cambridge

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