Study Skills Coaching

Equip your child with the confidence and know-how they need to reach their full potential in their GCSE and A-Level exams.

You want to be the best parent you can be. You want to feel like you have given your child the best possible start in life. You know it’s important that they feel loved, confident and secure and you know how to do this stuff.

However, you don’t want to let them down because you don’t feel equipped to help them with the modern education system. You worry about the distractions of modern day living like smartphones and snapchat. And, you’re deeply concerned about the pressure that young people are under these days and you want to shield your child from stress. But, you know that in this day and age good grades are vital for your child’s future success.

That’s where I come in.

I work with families to equip their children with the learning strategies and revision techniques they need to excel in their exams. I provide practical tips on getting students organised and prepared for their exams as well as the long-term study skills that will build them up to exams in a stress-free way (as well as making them more independent and employable).

With the right attitude, routine, revision techniques and plan (as well as some good old-fashioned hard work!) good grades are attainable for everyone.

By working with me through one of my one-to-one or group coaching programmes you can make grades that you previously believed were unattainable a reality and fulfill your dream of a place at your first choice of university.

These are the ways you can work with me.

Where to start

The Extraordinaries Club

This is my online club for families giving you year-round support in helping students to reach their full potential at school and in life.

The Extraordinaries Club consists of:

  • Access to my signature nine-week course, The Exam Success Formula, which teaches the study skills, mindset and habits for exam success. I will teach this course live twice every academic year, but as long as you’re a member of the club you will have on demand access to the entire course.
  • Support and advice for parents who feel the stress of the exam years as much, if not more so, than their teenagers
  • Weekly live coaching calls to support all students and parents who are members of the club
  • Free access to all the revision planning workshops I run throughout the year, which are timed to support students with the key mock and actual exam seasons
  • Free access to masterclasses that I teach through the year, and bring guest experts in to teach, on subjects such as exam technique, productivity and anything that I see a need for amongst the club members
  • Community forums for students and parents
  • And more, which will be announced over the course of the next academic year…

The Extraordinaries Club is housed on it’s own website and each member of your family can have their own login.


The Extraordinaries Club will open for enrollment on 1st September 2018. If you’d like to know more about the club nearer the time and when enrollment is open, please add yourself to the waiting list.

I strongly recommend that all families looking for my support with study skills start with enrollment in The Extraordinaries Club. I am confident that 90% of students will not need additional one-to-one support if they work through all the materials inside the Club.

If your family joins The Extraordinaries Club by 21st September 2018 the annual cost will be £299. If you join after this time the cost will be £350.

My promise to yo

Our son was drifting towards his GCSEs with little enthusiasm but after doing the course, he is more motivated, more organised and has the tools to lead him to success. Lucy’s course is amazing and we would recommend it wholeheartedly. Above all, it has been fun to take part and we are a happier family because of it.

The Exam Success Formula Testimonial

Juliet Bromley

Mother of a year 11

One-to-one coaching 

Option 1: The Edge

Your child is intelligent, ambitious and hard working. Throughout their school career they have consistently earned good grades, and this supports their goal of getting a place on one of the most competitive courses at one of the best universities in the UK. We’re thinking Oxbridge, top Russell Group universities and highly competitive courses like medicine, architecture and veterinary medicine.

However, despite their success neither you nor they feel 100% confident in their ability to get the grades they need, and that you know they deserve. Somehow, something hasn’t quite clicked for them in getting the A and A* grades they need and you both feel sick at the prospect of putting in all this work and not quite clinching the grades when it matters.

I'm here to help your child get that 'edge' that will get the outstanding grades they need to achieve their dreams.

In my six-week long one-to-one coaching programme, The Edge, I will help your child identify where and why their study skills are lacking and help them optimise the way that they study so that, yes, they’ll work hard, but they will also work smart to get the grades they dream of.

The programme includes:

  • A one hour ‘Get Motivated’ session designed to clarify and boost their motivation and clearly outline their priorities as well as to give them tools to keep them going when they’re tired, disheartened or feeling burnt out.
  •  An audit of how they are currently spending their time followed by an action plan to make sure how they spend their time moving forward is aligned with the priorities they identified in the ‘Get Motivated’ session.
  • A deep-dive assessment of the study and revision techniques your child is using to make sure that they’re optimised for the way that your child’s brain works and for getting the most possible marks on every exam paper they take
  • Development of activities outside their studies for their exams, such as focused further reading, planning of work experience and summer courses and personal projects that are essential when applying to top-flight universities and highly competitive courses
  • Troubleshooting of any problems that arise during our time working together, in a manner that gives your child the confidence that they will be able to resolve their own challenges moving forwards
  • Full email or text support between coaching calls so that they can reach out to me at any time with any study problem or challenge they are facing and be confident of a detailed and encouraging reply.
  • All sessions will take place on the video conferencing platform Zoom, which is very easy to use and means there is no annoying or inefficient travel time. The sessions can be easily slotted into a study schedule with minimal disruption.

The Edge is for the very best students who are already performing very highly but just need that little bit of support and structure to get them to superstar levels.

Your investment for this six week coaching programme will be £500.

How to book 

This coaching programme is not for everyone. If you’re interested in The Edge the first step is to complete the student and parent questionnaires linked to below. If I feel that your child is right for the programme, I will invite you to book a free discovery call with me where we can get to know each other better and make sure our relationship will be productive and worthwhile.

I look forward to hearing from you.

LJ Baxter

I worked with LJ through Year 11 and 12. She earned 10 A*s and 2 As at GCSE and an A in the AS Level she took in year 12

Working with Lucy for a year and a half taught me skills I will use right through university. I learned to manage my time, stay focused and prioritise. Lucy helped me structure and tailor my lifestyle to make the most out of my studying, even when things got tricky. I learned a lot from Lucy about consistency, and she helped me to get through the times of the year when it is easy to lose focus. Somehow she managed to help with broader study and life skills, as well as very particular, specific problems. I don't think I'd have the grades I do to my name today without Lucy's support. Lucy helped me not only to get the most out of academic life, but to improve my leisure time too. I learned how to keep calm and be completely in control of my workload all year round. I will use the techniques she taught me far into the future, and some well be beyond the classroom. She always believes in me and encourages me, but is nonetheless firm and frank. 

Option 2: The Grade Maker Experience
Only for students who are members of The Extraordinaries Club

You have joined The Extraordinaries Club and you and your child have worked through all the materials in The Exam Success Formula - my signature course on study skills. However, you feel that your child has some outstanding issues that can only be solved with one-to-one work. Or, you are a busy working parent with multiple priorities, you feel that your child needs one-to-one mentorship and you’d like to hand this over to an expert.

As an existing client, The Grade Maker Experience will be tailored to the needs of your particular situation.

What you should expect:

  • An assessment of whether your child has completed the motivational, organisational, time management and revision planning modules to the necessary level and that they are using these tools to the best effect. If they are not, I will work with them to make sure that they are.
  •  Your child will work on their mindset and confidence in their own academic abilities so that they are able to deal with difficult tasks, set-backs or attacks of nerves and keep moving forwards
  • Special attention on your child’s own worries, exam niggles and areas of concern
  • Full one-to-one email or text support between our coaching sessions so that your child is never left alone, worried or floundering about how to cope with any study situation during our time working together.
  • All sessions will take place on the video conferencing platform Zoom, which is very easy to use and means there is no annoying or inefficient travel time. The sessions can be easily slotted into a study schedule with minimal disruption.

Your investment - this will vary depending on what you need. However, packages will start at a minimum of £100 for one hour.

How to book

Please complete the questionnaire and I will get back to you with a quotation for our work together and inviting you for a free consultation call to where we will decide, together, how to proceed.


Mother of a GCSE student who completed The Exam Success Formula and then moved on to one-to-one coaching

Lucy's help and encouragement has made an enormous difference to my son and hugely boosted his confidence, which in turn has enabled him to tackle GCSE's with little apparent stress and in a very directed way.  This has helped me to stand right back and feel less anxious or involved because he is clearly in control and focussed, although still not very good at talking to us about his work.  Knowing that he was talking to you and finds it easier to discuss any concerns with you and that you would know what to suggest has been hugely reassuring for me. I suspect there have been moments when he did feel  anxious and a little overwhelmed or adrift and I know he looked forward to your calls and would come through afterwards looking happy and relaxed and always very positive about your help. Thank you so much.

Workshops and Masterclasses

Revision Planning Workshops and Masterclasses

Throughout the academic year I run intensive online revision planning workshops to coincide with the times when most schools hold mock exams, and when the main public exams are held. I will also be running masterclasses on things like exam technique and productivity, as well as anything else I see a need for amongst the members of The Extraordinaries Club.

All workshops and masterclasses will be free to members of The Extraordinaries Club. However, non-members will be able to access them live, or watch a recording when they join the club for one month. If you enjoy the workshop or masterclass you have attended you will be able to remain a member of the club.


"Wow!  My son sat attentively throughout Lucy's workshop this morning scribbling notes and commenting repeatedly "that's brilliant"  "oh right!" "good idea" and the like.  That was the best money I have ever spent!  To hear him feed back how much more confident he feels now he has a framework within which to work is simply wonderful.   

Carol Towner 

Mother of a GCSE student


I sat next to my son and listened in, it was really informative and interesting and although Nick is only in Year 10 he said he found it motivating and it has definitely helped him to organise himself so he knows what to focus on and how to go about getting properly started! A big thank you from us!! " 

Rosie Ward
Mother of a GCSE student


My daughter took part in Lucy's October revision planning workshop and found it incredibly useful and really enjoyed interacting with all the others taking part. She started the workshop feeling very overwhelmed by the prospect of revision and finished with a clear vision of how and where to start. Would definitely recommend!" 

Kate Holgate,
Mother of a GCSE student

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