Get A-mazing Grades

I'm passionate about helping you (or your child) get A-mazing grades.

The thing is, it's actually pretty simple to get A-mazing grades when you know how. All you need is a little push in the right direction and maybe some accountability (all of which you'll get from me) and you'll be headed for the grades of your dreams.

It makes me so frustrated when I see families spending loads of money and many hours on tutoring services when they haven't put the right foundations in place.

So what are the right foundations?

  1. Getting motivated – it's hard to get yourself into work mode when you couldn't care less about the outcome. Being clear about what motivates you and why you're studying is the very first step towards success.
  2. Time management – you have to be able to organize your own time and prioritise the things on your to-do list to get the top grades.
  3. Problem solving – you have to be able to sort out any problems you face along the way. Being resourceful and solving your own study problems is the best way to achieve long-term success in any subject (and it's a great life skill that employers love).

Want to know more? These are the ways you can work with me so you can catapult yourself towards exam success.

  1. Personalised revision planning kickstarter and accountability programme

    A four week programme where we create a personalised revision plan together and then check in for weekly chats to tweak what isn't working and keep you on track. Learn more.

  2. Get motivated

    A one hour session designed to make your goals clear so you are motivated to succeed. Learn more.

  3. The Time Lord

    In this four week package we will create a weekly study schedule that works for you, work out an individual plan to remove distractions and build in rewards and have weekly check-ins to keep you on track.

  4. The full package

    In this package we work one-on-one for three months to clarify your motivation, sort out your time management and delve deep into your problem solving skills. I'll also keep you accountable and on track with weekly calls so you're always working towards those A-mazing grades!

All sessions take place by skype or phone so there's no annoying travelling to and from your tutor. Just settle down in the comfort of your own home and I'll set you on the right track to success!

Not sure which is right for you or your child?

Book a 15 Minute Study Break with me and we'll thrash it out together to make sure you get the help you really need.

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