Would you like to be an academic coach?

Do you light up when you unlock an unmotivated, stressed or confused student to reach their full potential?

Do you offer something more to your students than simply deep academic knowledge and understanding?

Do you have a strong interest in personal development?

Can you easily see how students need to change in order to help them to succeed?

I am looking for education professionals who have something more than simply academic knowledge and understanding to join my team and help young people to achieve exam results, and develop as individuals in the process, in an extraordinary way.

Specifically I am looking for people with any of the below:

  • An established background in working with neurodiverse students e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD and other learning differences
  • A strong track record in dealing firmly and fairly with teenage boys
  • Oxbridge entry expertise
  • Students who are studying for their exams whilst coping with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression

To apply you will:

  • Have an excellent academic record with great insight into what it takes to succeed at GCSE, A Level and university
  • Have a track record of developing deep rapport with teenagers (particularly teenage boys) and helping them to significantly improve their academic results
  • Have an insight into what the academic system is looking for as a whole and how exams are designed and structured
  • Know something of the mindset, habits and systems changes that students need to make in order to succeed
  • Have an insight into the stresses, worries and concerns that parents experience in supporting their children through the GCSE and A Level years

The work will involve:

  • Mainly online academic coaching sessions with students, 1:1 and in groups
  • Occasionally creating revision content for The Extraordinaries Club in your academic subject

All work will be sub-contracted to you and you will be paid at £50 per coaching hour, once you are fully trained. You will work from your own home and need a computer with webcam and microphone and an excellent internet connection.

You must be available to work outside school hours on at least three days per week. You can work hours that suit you so long as they are at times when teenagers attending school will be able to meet with you.

Please apply with:

  • A 3 minute video teaching a difficult to grasp concept in your specialist academic subject,
  • A CV and a covering letter which emphasise your
    • Academic achievements (making it clear which school subject you specialise in)
    • Experiences working with young people and families
    • Experience and qualifications for working with young people with learning differences in an educational setting or, your experience of working with teenage boys, building a rapport and helping them to achieve results within an educational setting or supporting successful Oxbridge applicants or working with students experiencing mental health difficulties
    • Confirms your ability to work outside school hours
    • That you have the necessary facilities to work from home.

Send your CV and covering letter to lucy@lifemoreextraordinary.com using the subject line Application: Academic Coach. Upload the video as unlisted on YouTube and send the link in your email. Please note that we do not expect a perfectly professionally produced video  – this is about understanding how you come across on camera and how you teach.

Applications are encouraged from everyone with the necessary experience and qualifications – whether you have an obvious or hidden disability, whatever sexual orientation, skin colour or other difference that makes you fascinatingly and compellingly human.


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