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Lucy Parsons

Hi! I'm Lucy. I'm a graduate of Cambridge University and a qualified teacher. It's my passion in life to help you achieve your academic hopes and dreams!

You're here for one of two reasons:

  • you want the best grades (or you want them for your child) and/or
  • you want to get into one of the best universities (or you want that for your child)

Am I right?

Well those are things that I can't wait to help you with!

How I can help you

I work with people on one of the three key steps you see below:

  1. Getting amazing grades
  2. Preparing for a university application
  3. Applying to university

3 Steps to Academic Achievement (1)


Get A-mazing Grades

Struggling to get the grades you want? I can help. We'll work together on:

  • your organisation
  • motivation
  • how YOU should revise

You'll come away from me with a complete personalised plan for how to get the grades you want, the motivation to stick with it and confidence that it will work for you!

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Prepare for university

Know you need to go to university to live the life of your dreams? Not sure what you need to do to put together a good application?

I'll work with you so that you get all the work experience, do all the further reading and find lots of other great opportunities you need to make a university application shine. We'll put this plan together so that you can fit it in with your studies and the rest of your life and it's not left until the last minute (when you should actually be making the application…).

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Apply to University

You're ready to fill in your UCAS form and apply to university. The trouble is, you don't know where to start.

I will:

  • Show you how to write a killer personal statement
  • Give you detailed, personalised feedback on drafts of your personal statement
  • Help you prepare for interviews

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