[2] What makes a supportive parent?

What makes a supportive parent?

 In this episode of The School Success Formula I discuss what it means to be a Supportive Parent.

What I cover in the episode

  • The best ways in which a parent, in my view, can support their child through education. These include:
    • Guidance – giving advice and steering your child towards the best choices for them
    • Providing – this includes financially, as well as having a stable home and regular meals
    • Emotional support – absolute crucial to navigate through the tricky teenage years

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What makes a supportive parent? | If you've got children at school you will want to support them to reach their potential to the very best of your ability. In this episode of the The School Success Formula I dicuss all the three most crucial ways in which I believe parents should support their children to help them to be successful in their education. Click through to listen to the episode. #podcast #education #parenting

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