[29] Learning a language the brain-friendly way with Karin Raffa

Learning a language the brain friendly way with Karin RaffaLearning a language is a testing experience for many of us. Under exam stress it’s even more off-putting. In this episode of The School Success Formula I speak with Karin Raffa to hear her tips on learning a language so it sticks, the importance of authentic motivation and how the brain learns. Her background in neurolanguages offers an all-round view on not just learning a language effectively, but enjoying the process.

About Karin Raffa

With over 15 years experience in teaching, Karin is a qualified language teacher and has fostered a deep belief that anyone can learn a language with the right attitude. When she became a language teacher she took a course in Neurolanguage Coaching®* to learn how the brain works.

Her book ‘German Without Tears: Tried and Tested Strategies to Learn the German Language’ reveals tried and tested strategies that help you achieve your goal in learning a foreign language. Primarily a German teacher, her linguistic expertise and advice extends to all modern foreign languages.

What you can expect to hear on the podcast

The common struggle with learning a new language

The mindset you need to have to learn a language successfully

Understanding how the brain learns

What is neurolanguage coaching?

Enjoying the process of learning

Tips with learning a language for an exam

How to Increase the retention of new vocabulary, so it sticks

Use the tools and learning strategies you wish you knew in school

How to LET GO of Fear and Overwhelm and achieve your goal

Useful links

German Without Tears: Tried and Tested Strategies to Learn the German Language

Joanna Grace on deeper learning and stress

Marie Forleo’s B-School

Neurolanguage Coaching®*

Where to find Karin online

Twitter: @MyGermanology

Instagram: MyGermanology

* registered trademark (US and Europe) in the name of Rachel Marie Paling

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