What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

If you took the fear of failure out of the equation, what would you do?

If you knew you would not fail

This is a probing and deep question. It really makes you delve into what's important to you. It also highlights what you're not doing because you fear failure.

This question makes you delve into what's important highlighting what you're not doing because you fear failure. Share on X

If you want to be extraordinary and do extraordinary things you really have to say ‘No,' to the fear of failure and do it anyway.

Below you'll find my list. I first read a blog post on this topic over a year ago and it's taken me this long to have the courage to come up with my own list. (If you scroll down on that post you'll see a comment from me and see how far I've come in that time.) Here goes…


If I knew I would not fail I would…

If I knew I would not fail

It is my dream to have a book that I wrote in libraries, book shops and online stores everywhere…

Write a book and have it published as a hard copy for people to buy in book shops and on Amazon.

This has always been a dream of mine. I know I've already written a book that is available to buy as a PDF through my website. But, this doesn't seem quite enough to satisfy my dream.

I have several ideas for books I could write that would benefit you as a reader of my blog. I've even narrowed it down to the one I want to prioritise. I've just got to decide on tricky things like should I self-publish (again) or find a publisher.

There's a lot more research to be done before I decide on this… Or maybe I should just get over myself, make a quick decision and get on with it. What do you think?

Run group coaching and accountability programmes for my readers to help them get A-mazing grades and into the universities of their dreams.

I absolutely love talking to my readers one-to-one in my free 15 minute Study Break calls (anyone can book one) and my Get Motivated! sessions. There's something very special about making that personal connection, talking to people and really delving deep into their problems and obstacles.

I'd like to step this up a notch and open this up to small groups of people. My vision is to create small, intimate communities of like-minded people who are working towards very similar goals. We would meet weekly through the wonders of the internet and I'd coach you through what you need to do next and any problems you're having. We'd also have a private facebook group just for our little group where you and the other group members would cheer each other on and I'd be in there offering help, support and advice.

I know this would be so powerful in getting the academic results that you crave. My fear here is making this available and no-one (or just one or two) people taking it up. What do you think? Should I give it a try?

Start a Podcast

I love to write. It's been one of my pleasures throughout my life. I started writing a diary when I was just six years old and loved it when my teachers asked me to write. I'd write pages and pages more than anyone else (and I still struggle to write a short blog post, sorry!).

However, I also love radio, audio and podcasts. As a child I'd listen to story tapes (yes, I grew up in the era of cassettes). I moved on to listening to radio as a teen and now talk radio (Radio 4) and Podcasts are the soundtrack to my life. I love the fact that I can listen while I'm doing other things like washing-up, ironing and exercising. I also love the intimacy of the spoken word.

One day I'd love to start a Podcast. I'd keep the blog as well because I still want to write, but I would adore having a Podcast. Realistically this can't happen until next September when my son goes to school. Is this something you'd like to see me plan to do?

If you knew you would not fail

Do you think 1,000 people would want to listen to me live?

Speak at an event to over 1,000 people

I've always loved public speaking (I know, I'm weird…). When I worked in the corporate world I regularly did presentations to the CEO and directors. Teaching made me even more comfortable with it and I really enjoyed the two webinars I did this year. But I've never spoken to a really, really big audience. I actually don't know where I'd find an audience of this size… Maybe I'll have to keep building the audience for my webinars and see where it takes me. What do you think?

Some other things I'd do if I knew I would not fail…

Train to be an yoga teacher

I love yoga. I practice it several times a week in the first hour of the day between 6am and 7am, before my children are awake.

I've had various Yoga teachers through the years and they've all (well, mostly) been inspiring. I'd love to be such an expert in yoga that I am able to teach it to others…

If I knew I would not fail I would stand for parliament...

If I knew I would not fail I would stand for parliament…

Stand for parliament

I've always had enormous respect for the democratic process and a huge interest in politics. I've always fancied myself as an MP. This is the thing that I'm most sure I would fail at. Putting aside the statistical chance of actually winning I don't know if I'd be able to sustain the lifestyle of an MP. The sheer number of hours, being away from home and family and the travelling to and from London. That really doesn't sound like my cup of tea. Maybe I've gained enough insight to know that this is something I should not even attempt…

What would YOU do if you knew you would not fail?

I'd love to hear from you now. Leave a comment below telling me either 1) what you would do if you knew you would not fail, or, 2) tell me which of the things above you'd most like to see me try to do!

I believe in your power to face your fears and achieve extraordinary things. Will you come with me on that journey?


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