[11] Successfully stepping up to the sixth form with Martin Griffin

sixth formIn this episode of The School Success Formula I interview Martin Griffin, a former Head of Sixth form with twenty years of teaching experience and co-author of The A-Level Mindset about how students can successfully make the notoriously tricky transition from GCSE studies to studying for their A Levels.



What we cover in this episode

Martin talks use through his VESPA model for the character traits that lead to successful A Level study. This breaks down as:

  • Vision – students need to have a strong commitment to their A Levels in that they support them to achieve a particular long or short term goal
  • Effort – this boils down to the amount of independent study a student invests
  • Systems – how students organise both their time and their resources
  • Practice – how students use a combination of content learning, skills practice and feedback in a continuous loop to help them to achieve mastery over subject matter
  • Attitude – whether an individual students believes that they are able to improve their attainment by investing effort in the correct way.

The Exam Formula

In the episode I mention my brand new course for parents and students, The Exam Success Formula. It's an eight week course that teaches you everything you need to know about the study skills, habits and mindset that will help your child reach their full academic potential.

You can learn more and sign-up here.

Other resources I refer to in the episode

How to revise history – tips from an expert

How to revise effectively for GCSE and A Level – the Power Hour

Where to find out more about Martin and his work

The A Level Mindset – book by Martin Griffin and Steve Oakes

The A Level Mindset Student Workbook by Martin Griffin and Steve Oakes

The GCSE Mindset by Martin Griff

The A Level Mindset website: https://www.alevelmindset.com/

The A Level Mindset on twitter: @alevelmindset

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