[35] SPD: Dealing with heightened senses and Sensory Processing Disorder with Becky Lyddon

SPDWhen we’re nervous we tend to fiddle – we want to be aware of our bodies to keep ourselves alert. For those who suffer from Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), senses are even more heightened so sufferers find alternative ways to calm and process their senses. SPD comes in many forms, including distorted hearing, sight and touch. Our guest today is Becky Lyddon, Founder of Sensory Spectacle. She explains what SPD is, how it affects people and what you as a parent can do to support your child.  


After having worked in a centre in London that supports children and young people with complex health needs and disabilities, Becky discovered the autistic sensory world. This inspired her to educate the public on how people with SPD may experience their surroundings and thus she launched Sensory Spectacle in 2014, which includes experiential art installations, workshops and presentations. She has a background in Graphic Design, and has a Masters from Central Saint Martins School of Art.

What You Can Expect To Hear

What is Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)?

How SPD impacts daily life

Identifying and diagnosing SPD

Who mainly suffers from SPD?

The signs that your child might have SPD

How SPD affects learning

How an understanding of your child’s SPD helps support their learning

Becky’s art installations

How fidget spinners can help SPD

How technology affects SPD

Useful Links

Sensory Spectacle YouTube Channel

Migraine by Oliver Sacks

Where You Can Find Becky



Twitter – @SensorySp

Instagram – @sensoryspectacle

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