[42] How to improve your child’s vocabulary with Sofia Fenichell

An expansive vocabulary not only gets you far in education, but in everyday life too. This week we are joined by Sofia Fenichell, a true wordsmith who has set up a whole business around learning a wider vocabulary. On the show, she shares vocabulary-learning hacks and how parents can best support their children through the learning process.

About Sofia

As a former technology analyst, Sofia has joined the edtech entrepreneurial world. She is the founder and CEO of Mrs Wordsmith, a UK startup transforming how children learn new words. She lives in London with her husband and two children.

What we discuss on the show:

The story of Mrs Wordsmith

How to expand your vocabulary

How parents can help with their children’s vocabulary

The concept of word consciousness

The relationship between reading and vocabulary

Which words a student needs to know

The benefit of reading newspapers and other publications

How school and parents can work together to expand teenagers’ vocabularies

Connect with Sofia:

Instagram: mrswordsmithofficial
Twitter: @MrsWOfficial
Facebook: @MrsWordsmith

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