[55] Supporting a Highly Sensitive child in their education with Kathryn Pearson

supporting a highly sensitive child in their education with Kathryn Pearson


A long day of studying or working can leave us exhausted. For particularly sensitive individuals, this can leave them overwhelmed if they don’t rest and allow downtime. Kathryn first discovered that she was a ‘Highly Sensitive Person' through Dr E. Aron's work, which empowered her to treat her struggles with High Sensitivity. HS is a sensitivity to any of the five senses that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, often with physical symptoms such as muscle pains and migraines.

In the stimulating school environment, this can be particularly challenging. Kathryn promotes the term as something to identify with, not be diagnosed by. As a parent of her own Highly Sensitive Child, she’s an author, business owner, yoga teacher, mentor and EFT therapist helping children with High Sensitivity. In this episode, we learn how parents can best support their Highly Sensitive child, and what are the signs and symptoms to look out for, as well as how to sculpt a thriving life that complements it.

About Kathryn

With over 10 years experience of working alongside teens, parents and young people, Kathryn educates Highly Sensitive people and empowers those who believe they are Highly Sensitive to thrive in today’s world. As a qualified Teen Yoga teacher, mentor and EFT therapist, she runs her own thriving EFT and Yoga business, working locally in South Yorkshire and Rotherham.


What we explore on the show

The definition of  a Highly Sensitive person/ child

The signs and symptoms of High Sensitivity

How do you know if your child is Highly Sensitive?

Why the school environment can overwhelm High Sensitivity children

Approaches to parenting a Highly Sensitive child that work

Why High Sensitivity is not something to be just ‘toughened up by’

How to build a thriving lifestyle that complements your High Sensitivity


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The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron

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