How do you get paid work that also helps you get into university?

If you want to go to university you know that there's a lot that goes into writing a really effective personal statement. You'll also know that university is a very expensive commitment. But how do you get paid  work that helps you get into university?

For this week's blog I interviewed recruitment specialist, Leah Stewart, about how to get paid work that helps you get into university. In the interview she answers these three questions:

1. How do you choose which summer jobs to apply for that will help you develop skills that you need for your university course and give evidence that you've developed those skills?

2. What advice have you got about making a compelling job application or writing a CV that really gets you the job?

3. What are your top 3 dos and don'ts for job interviews?

Watch the video: How to get paid work that helps you get into university

Anyone who watches is welcome to contact Leah via with their own CV/Application/Letter/Flyer/Approach for a free and more personal review if they'd like that.
Leah also has an excellent video on how to establish your own project work that helps you make connections and establish yourself as someone of note in subject area that you're interested in. I've watched Leah working wonders for her own career in education using this technique – she's the queen of authentic networking! Leah's free video shows you how to get started with this alongside going to school and doing summer jobs.

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