New Year’s Resolutions: You Get Out What You Put In

It's very nearly 2021 and you may well be thinking about new year's resolutions, or turning over a new leaf. Or, you might just be relieved that 2020 is nearly over!

In this short and sweet post, I'm going to remind you of one very important fact that will determine whether your new year's resolutions will be a success:

You get out what you put in

It's all very well buying a gym membership, but it isn't going to help you to get fit unless you also:

  • Have a training plan suitable for your current level of fitness
  • Set aside specific days and times each week to go to the gym
  • Are realistic about your goals
  • Have some gym kit to wear

In essence, it comes down to taking responsibility for your own success and owning it.

All the time, I see parents signing up to The Extraordinaries Club thinking that just through the act of paying the money their child is going to be transformed into a high-performing student.

The ugly truth is that signing up is just the start. You have to take responsibility for your outcomes if you want to see any kind of success.

Don't get me wrong, just like any good gym, I do my best to help new members settle in, find their way around and find a way that works for them to go through all the materials.

But, unless they're willing to make the time, commit to the process and see it through they aren't going to see the results that they hope for.

How to make a resolution that sticks

This new year I want to encourage you to:

  • Set goals and make resolutions that you truly want (don't just say you want to lose weight because everyone's saying it and you think you ought to. You need to want this from the bottom of your soul.)
  • Plan out the behaviours that are actually going to get you there
  • Set aside the time for those behaviours – and stick to those times

If you do the above, truly taking responsibility for your own outcomes, you will succeed.

How I can help

If one of your ‘soul-goals' is to improve your grades and reach your potential (or you really want this for your child) my team and I can help you. Check out The Extraordinaries Club or, if you need a more personalised approach find out about our 1:1 academic coaching). The club and our coaching show you exactly how to break down academic goals and succeed with them – you just need to turn up and be ready to put our advice in place.

My team and I would be delighted to support your success this coming year.

Happy New Year! Fingers crossed 2021 is brighter in every way than 2020 was.


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