Should you join The Extraordinaries Club?

Are you considering joining The Extraordinaries Club but aren't sure whether it's the right support for you and your family?

If so, you probably have questions like:

  • What kind of results can I expect if I join The Extraordinaries Club (and how quickly?)
  • What is included in membership of the club and how does it work?
  • Is the programme suitable for someone in my child's year group and a family like mine?
  • How much time will I need to spend on the materials and coaching calls in The Extraordinaries Club?

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The most important thing you're probably wondering about the club is whether it will give your child the help they need to reach their academic potential. So, let's talk about that first of all.

1. What kind of results can you expect if you join The Extraordinaries Club?

As with anything in life, you get out what you put into the club, and students with a wide variety of academic abilities join. But these are some of the results achieved by club members:

  • Students learn strategies to manage their time, get organised and how to revise so that they have the skills to approach exam season successfully
  • Improved well-being and confidence because of the encouragement given on the student only coaching calls, and an increase in double science grades from 5/6 to 7/8.
  • Parents received support and reassurance about how to handle a multitude of situations with schools and with their children
  • Improving the communication within families so that parents and students are working co-operatively towards reaching their academic potential rather than arguing and nagging their way towards exam season.
  • Many students have exceeded their own expectations for their GCSE results e.g. one girl with dyspraxia
  • One student with low processing speeds, who didn't expect to pass his science GCSEs, passed both because of what he learned about how to revise in The Extraordinaries Club
  • Some students have achieved all top grades in their exams
  • Several students have watched the How to Revise English Language Masterclass and gone up several grades overnight – one went from a 6 to a 9.

2. Why would you need to join The Extraordinaries Club?

The key reason that most families join The Extraordinaries Club is that they want to support their children to reach their academic potential, get the best grades possible for them and keep as many options open for their futures as possible.

These are some of the things that parents tell me when they join the club about why they decided to join:

  • Learn how to study and revise effectively – gaining long-term skills that won't expire the day they finish the exams. This can often be because they've had a shock about a set of mock or end of year exam results but people also join pro-actively, before a problem occurs.
  • Overcome overwhelm – many students and families are simply overwhelmed by the amount there is to learn and revise and need a strategy, organisation and efficient study skills to get through it all
  • See better results for the effort they're putting in – some students are working really hard, putting in all the hours, but still getting disappointing results. They want help to revise more effectively and see better outcomes for their effort
  • Develop independent study skills so that they're better organised with their homework and revision, have a better attitude to their work and are motivated to do it to the best of their ability
  • Increase confidence in academic work through improving revision skills and exam technique
  • Parents want to be able to support their children through better communication and being able to help and advise them with their studies with greater confidence

What is The Extraordinaries Club and how does it work?

The Extraordinaries Club is an online hub containing my signature study skills course that will help your child to achieve their grades in the best way for them. It gives you on-demand access to a library of workshops and downloads that cover everything you need to study successfully. You also get personalised advice from me through weekly coaching calls and the members-only Facebook group.

It works because your child develops a personalised study system tailored to the way they work, what motivates them and their ambitions.

And you no longer have to stress, nag or worry.

There are 7 pillars in your membership of The Extraordinaries Club for you to make use of in the best way for you to get what you need from the club:

  • My signature study skills course which has student and parents versions of each module where I teach your child the study skills, mindset and habits to achieve their academic potential
  • ‘How to Revise' masterclasses in the most popular academic GCSE subjects (A-Level subjects will start being added in the 2020-1 academic year). These show students how to approach revision for each subject, including subject-specific tips on how to develop their exam technique
  • Revision Kickstarter Workshops held at regular times throughout the school year to support revision for particular events e.g. mocks, February half-term, Easter and Year 10 end of year exams
  • Weekly coaching calls on Tuesdays at 7 pm which alternate – one week for students, the next week for parents
  • Members-only Facebook group for parents
  • Library of helpful downloads including tip sheets, revision plan outlines, study schedules and work trackers
  • Vault of all my past webinars

What is covered in the study skills course?

The study skills course is made up of ten pre-recorded modules which you can work through in your own time. They're designed to be done in order, but if you have an urgent need to skip forward to one, you're welcome to.

Each module takes about an hour to complete and is made up of a series of short videos and a worksheet – designed to keep young people engaged and making the changes that will make the difference for them.

There is a parent version and student version of each – the student version gives the core study skills content and the parent version gives extra advice about what to look out for to support your child effectively with the content in that module.

We do a ‘live' run-through of the modules twice per year – once starting in September and once starting in January. This means that everyone in the club is working through the same module at the same time and the weekly coaching calls will be focused on the most recent modules.

As we work through the modules from September 2020 they will be updated each week to refine and improve the information and tasks I share with you.

Module topics and what they cover

1. Systematise Your Success

Get organised, creating systems to keep your work tidy and meet your deadlines so that you’re always in control of your studies.

2. Boost Your Motivation

Unlock your motivation so you always know what you’re working towards and can overcome procrastination and distractions.

3. Manage Your Time

Use your time wisely to work for your exams and have balance in your life so that you can achieve your potential with minimum stress.

4. Hone Your Habits

You are what you do consistently, so you need to develop habits that lead to excellent results whilst eliminating the bad habits that are getting in your way.

5. Upgrade Your Mindset

Challenge the negative self-talk and thoughts that are blocking your achievement, develop a growth mindset, improve your resilience in the face of setbacks, learn how to let go of perfectionism and stay calm throughout.

6. Plan Your Revision

Learn what revision really is and create a personalised revision plan that works for you, that you can’t fall behind on but propels you to success.

7. Optimise Your Revision Techniques

Everyone's heard of flashcards, mindmaps and revision notes – but most people don't use them properly and miss out more effective techniques at the same time. Use these optimised techniques, proven by research to work to get better results from your revision.

8. Revise for Results

Manage your time and energy, eliminate procrastination and distractions and engage with your revision to actually get results worthy of your efforts.

9. Love Your Learning

Develop a passion for the subjects and topics you’re most interested in, feeding your curiosity so that you’re learning because you love it – not because you have to.

10. Ace Your Exams

Approach your exams calmly and with good self-care so you are confident and well-rested, ready to perform to your potential.

Do you get any 1:1 coaching as a member of The Extraodinaries Club?

No, you need to sign-up for 1:1 academic coaching if that's what you're looking for. All our academic coaching clients get access to everything inside The Extraordinaries Club, but they also have their one-to-one sessions with their coach to support them in a more personal way.

Click here to find out more about our academic coaching packages.

Who is The Extraordinaries Club for?

It's for families who have teenagers in years 10, 11, 12 and 13 who are studying for public exams.

The material is mainly geared towards students studying for GCSEs, iGCSEs and A-Levels, but we have had IB students and students studying in many other systems internationally who have hugely benefitted from the study skills course.

We also have members from a wide range of academic abilities – from those struggling to pass four GCSEs to those aiming for all 9s, as well as a wide range of learning differences e.g. dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD and ASD.

You're right for The Extraordinaries Club if:

  • The students and parents in your family want to work together to make a success of GCSEs and A-Levels
  • Your child is struggling because they don't know how to revise effectively, they're overwhelmed or they're not reaching their academic potential
  • The stress of the exams is impacting the relationships in your family and you want to find a better way than nagging, shouting and arguing
  • Parents and students want to engage with the club and are open-minded about new ideas and new ways of doing things

The club might not be right for you if:

  • Students refuse to engage with the club – although many parents have found it very useful even if their children won't engage, for the peer support and also by drip-feeding the information from the modules to their children when they found it useful
  • You're already getting all 9s or A*s
  • Spending 1-2 hours per week isn't worth it to you to improve your child's prospects

When is the right time to join The Extraordinaries Club?

The ideal time to join the club is at the beginning of year 10 so that you can take on all the advice and experiment with it before things get serious in year 11.

Sadly, many families join The Extraordinaries Club rather late. Usually, a large number of people join in January of year 11 when mocks in November, December and January haven't gone to plan. At this stage in their academic lives, there's usually so much work to do that it's difficult to learn from The Extraordinaries Club. People do benefit from joining at this stage, but I would always recommend joining sooner.

The other ideal time to join is at the beginning of year 12. Moving on to A level study is a massive leap and I often have students coming to me in the summer of year 12 who didn't quite realise what a leap they were making and things have gone off track as a result. By joining at the beginning of year 12 you can prevent this from happening.

If you're considering joining in year 13, The Extraordinaries Club can definitely help you but you will have to be very committed to both the club and turning your studies around to make it work.

How quickly will you see results when you join The Extraordinaries Club?

You should start seeing changes as soon as you start working through the modules. For example, you will work on organisation in the first module and many people have big wins just by getting properly organised.

However, what you get out very much depends on what you put in. It's really down to you.

How much time does The Extraordinaires Club take?

In your first 10-12 weeks you should expect to spend:

  • One hour per week on that week's module
  • One hour per week on alternate weeks attending the weekly coaching call

This averages out at 90 minutes per week.

You can choose to watch all the masterclasses when you wish, and parents can spend as much or as little time as they like in the Facebook group.

What happens if I can't attend the coaching calls live?

Of course, it's best if you attend the coaching calls live, but many people have gained huge value by watching the recordings and never taken part in the live calls.

How much does it cost?

In the 2020-1 academic year, the club costs £64 per month or £512 for the year. When you join on an annual basis you get twelve months for the price of eight. The price you pay for the club will stay the same until you cancel your membership. You can pause your membership at any time if you need a break.

One-to-one coaching costs more than this – check out our academic coaching packages for more detail.

How long do I need to be a member for?

You can be a member for as little or as much time as you need the club for. Some people have been members since it was founded, two years now, others have just joined for one or two months, got what they needed and moved on.

If you think you will ever want to come back you can pause your membership – this means that you can come back at the original price you were paying. If you cancel your membership, you will have to pay the new price if it has increased in the ensuing time.

Are you ready to join The Extraordinaries Club?

If you're ready to join The Extraordinaries Club, click here, and you'll be taken to the sign-up page. If you still have questions please email and a member of my team or I will be happy to answer your question for you.

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