[49] How to beat exam stress with Clare Josa

exam stressSlamming doors and snappy comments from your teenagers may feel like a pain for you. But there’s something else going here – they’re stressed. With exam season, it’s the perfect time for you as a parent to teach your children how to deal with stress. I brought expert Clare Josa on to today’s show, to learn how stress works in the brain and how it affects exam performance. It’s not just for exams, it teaches your child how to cope with stress for life.

About Clare Josa

For the past 15 years, Clare has taught over a million people how to feel less stressed. Clare experienced first-hand how stress affected her eldest son during exams, so she set up Beat Exam Stress for parents. As author of five books, she recently released her book ‘You Take Yourself With You’.

What we discuss on the show

How stress affects the brain and revision and exam performance

How stress works in the nervous system

49Signs that your child might be struggling from exam stress

Strategies students and families can use to reduce their exam stress

The importance of being in the state of flow

Mindful breathing exercises

The ABC Method

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‘You Take Yourself With You’ by Clare Josa

Links to more resources shared by Clare

Yoga mountain pose

Your Body Shapes Who You Are – Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy

NLP Training


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