Resources for Plymstock students

It was a great pleasure to share with you revision strategies to help you succeed.

On this page you'll find resources from my blog to help you with your studies in a more rounded way. I hope you find them helpful.

Session Recording

Part 1 – 25 March 2022

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Part 2 – 29 March 2022

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Time Management

The weekly routine of a straight A student (don't be put off by the title if you're not aiming for straight As – this method of time management is crucial to your success)

The Pomodoro Technique for GCSE and A Level Students: How to get more done, not get bored and save your energy when you’re studying – this one will help you have short, focused study sessions

How long should revision breaks be?

How much revision should you do a day?

What to do in revision breaks

Revision techniques

How to create revision flashcards that boost your memory

How to use colour in your revision notes to improve your learning

How to make revision posters and mind maps to boost your grades

How to use post-it notes for revision

How to revise effectively for GCSE and A Levels: The Power Hour

Motivation and mindset

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Motivated to Study

How to use short-term motivation to motivate yourself to revise

The 3 Ms of Successful Revision

How to stop procrastinating and study

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