What to do in revision breaks

what to do in revision breaks

If you're being clever about your revision, you're taking breaks. However, it can be really hard when you lift your head from learning something complicated to know what to do with your revision break. Sometimes you might feel a bit dazed and confused and it can be quite bewildering knowing what you should do with your break time. You might also be wondering what to do in your revision break that will actually help your revision.

Here are some ideas about what to do in revision breaks that will help you to keep some balance in your life during exam season, and actually help you to revise better.

What to do in revision breaks

1. Get active

One of the best breaks for your brain from all that book work is to get active. Building up a sweat is also a great way to release some stress.

I've blogged before about active revision break ideas. Whether you're on a 5 minute revision break or a 60 minute break it's possible to get your blood moving and give your brain a boost. (Check out my blog post about how long revision breaks should be).

2. Meditate

Meditation is my favourite way to calm my racing mind, get into the present and give myself some true me-time. I'd strongly encourage you to give it a go. And, if you check out this post on my blog by Yvette Vuaran, you'll be able to download a free meditation for studying.


3. Be social

One of the worst things about revision is how isolating it is and how lonely it can make you feel. So, whether you nip downstairs for a 5 minute chat with your mum or you plan a night with friends at the weekend, it's well worth doing to make sure you get some social contact in amongst all those hours of revision and taking exams.

4. Eat well

Having a really nutritious snack can be a great way to boost your brain when you're between revision sessions. I know my brain starts to shut down when I get hungry and eating something like a handful of nuts that have lots of nutritional value and are slow release energy can really help me to pace my learning between meals.

Make a list of the healthy snacks that you enjoy and ask you mum and dad to get them in for exam season. (If your mum or dad need new ways to support you during exam season get them to sign up for my Supportive Parents Exam Season Toolkit).

5. Go on an educational day out

I love days out. Particularly ones where I learn something.

So, if you're sick of the sight of your flash cards, you've done all the past papers that are available and you feel like a battery chicken cooped up in your room/house it's time to get out. But, it doesn't have to be a waste of time as far as revision is concerned.

Instead, find a place to visit that's got something to do with one of your subjects and go there. You'll pick up all sorts of bits of extra knowledge and re-invigorate your passion for your subject.

6. Escape to another world

When I was revising for my finals at university I became very insular. Instead of getting out and seeing people I just wanted to be quiet on my own and escape to another world by reading a good book. I devoured several novels during my finals term after hardly having read anything for pleasure through my time at university (after spending all day reading in the library, the last thing I wanted to do when I got into bed at night was read some more).

In order to escape into another world you can read, or you can watch TV series of films. It doesn't matter – the key thing is that you should really enjoy it and be absorbed to the extent that you forget your revision and exams for a short while.

7. Pamper yourself

Looking after yourself by painting your nails, having a long bath or just generally tending to your physical appearance can be really therapeutic and an act of self-love. Take some time to make yourself feel and look a better version of yourself!

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What's missing?

Have you noticed what I didn't put on this list?

That's right – going on your phone!

To make the most of revision breaks you need to look up and get out of that hunched studying / phone posture. As much as you can, leave your phone alone!

Over to you…

I've shared with you my ideas about what to do in revision breaks. Now I'd love to hear from you. In the comments below tell me:

  1. What's your favourite thing to do in revision breaks
  2. Which revision break activities improve the quality of your revision


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