How to prepare for your exams with one week to go

Hopefully you've been revising hard for several weeks now. You made a good revision plan and have been steadily working through it, feeling your confidence grow.

But, what should you be focusing on in the last week before your exams? To be honest, if you're well prepared already the last week won't be that different to all the previous weeks.

Here are the things you should be doing to prepare for your exams with one week to go.

How to prepare for your exams with one week to go

How to prepare for your exams with one week to go

1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

If you've been following my revision planning advice you'll have identified your strengths and weaknesses ages ago. However, at this point it's worth going over that list again. You'll probably find that, if you've been busy bringing your weaknesses up to scratch, your strengths and weakneses have changing in relation to each other.

At this stage you should refocus your efforts on your remaining weaknesses.

One week before your exams: re-assess your strengths and weaknesses & focus on your weaknesses. Share on X

2. Study in focused bursts and take breaks

By now you should know how long you can focus for before you take a break. This could be anything from 20 to 60 minutes.

Use a timer to time your focused study sessions and time your breaks as well (don't get lost in social-media land and forget to come back to your studies).

3. Choose a topic for each study session

Start each study session knowing what you're going to focus on in that time. Don't sit down aimlessly thinking ‘I must get some revision done,' not knowing what you're going to study.

Study tip: know what you're going to focus on before you sit down for each study session. Share on X

4. Finesse your exam technique

Hopefully you've been doing lots of past papers for weeks. If you haven't, you can't leave it any longer. You can't neglect your exam technique any longer.

Use power hours to help you learn content, do past papers and learn to think like an examiner in a focused way.

5. Get help with anything you still don't understand

Pester your teacher, find a different text book in the library or look it up online. It's your responsibility to make sure that you understand every aspect of the syllabus for every subject.

6. Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is vital for making sure all that good learning you've been doing is fixed in your head. While you're asleep new connections are made in your brain – if you skimp on sleep you're effectively cheating yourself out of the knowledge you've gained in your study sessions.

If you skimp on sleep you're effectively cheating yourself out of the knowledge you gained in your study sessions. Share on X

7. Eat well

Try to eat healthy meals and snacks – feed your body with goodness the way you're feeding your mind with knowledge.

8. Exercise

Scientists are always coming up with new proof that exercise helps your brain. Only this week I read an article that said that exercise makes your brain bigger. It also gives your brain a rest from all that study and relieves stress.

Get your trainers on and get out in the sunshine!

9. Know the logistics

You should already know, but if you don't, find out when and where all your exams are going to be. Also make sure that you're able to get there on time.

10. Relax!

I know that might sound ridiculous but you need to have some wind down time at the end of each day so that you sleep well. It also stops you from feeling like a revision machine.

Follow these top tips on how to prepare for your exams with one week to go and when you get to exam day you'll be in a great position to do your very best.

Do you need more help?

If you need more advice on how to spend the last week before your exams, there is a whole module inside The Extraordinaries Club called ‘Exam Time' which covers:

  • Making a plan for the last week and day before an exam
  • Understanding what to do if you have a bad exam
  • Learning how to do an exam season review so that you can improve your revision with every set of exams you take
  • Understanding how to stay mentally and physically strong and ace your exam

Join The Extraordinaries Club to get all the advice this module shares and get my support on the coaching calls throughout exam season.

You've got this! Keep working hard and you'll be OK.

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