How to Study Independently at Home During the Corona Crisis

Over the last five years, I’ve taught thousands of students to study more effectively through my coaching, courses, club, blog and podcast. But now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, these skills are more crucial than ever.

So, from tomorrow morning, I’m going to be teaching a course on How to Study Independently during the Corona Crisis to members of The Extraordinaries Club.

This is my way of making your life in lockdown easier and more productive.

I went live on Facebook to give more details about the course. You can watch the video below.

How to Study Independently during the Corona Crisis

Don't want to watch the video? These are the highlights

I did a survey the week before last which highlighted five areas that young people are really struggling with in terms of learning at home. These are:

  • Not knowing how to study independently
  • Not being engaged in the work set
  • Managing time and energy
  • Not being able to structure their own time
  • Not getting bored

These problems are not unique to the Corona Crisis and school closures. They’re problems that I’ve been helping people to solve year in, year out for five years now.

But, we are living in different circumstances now, so I’m adapting what I normally teach and coach students through to our current situation. But, what they learn now, they’ll be able to apply in their studies and working life forever.

What we’re going to cover in the course

1. Mindset and motivation

This section will get students into the right headspace to learn from home, and support parents to help them to this new way of working patiently and empathetically (I know it’s hard!).

2. Managing time and energy + organisation

In our normal daily lives, particularly at school, things like get-up times, meal-times, movement and interaction are hard-wired into our days. This section will look at how we can incorporate the things that keep us purposeful and energised into our day, and put structure in that ensures we get things done.

3. Doing the work

This section will build on the work in the previous section, looking at how to deal with issues such as lack of engagement in the work and boredom. We will also look at where you can go to find resources to teach yourself at home.

4. Revision

Revision is a crucial skill in exam preparation (I don’t need to tell you that, do I?) and doing revision under your own steam, rather than relying on school revision classes, is going to be even more important. In this section, I will teach students how to revise in a way that works for them.

5. Taking control of your own learning

This section is about getting curious about the work and taking your interest beyond what the school and exam specification require of you, doing the things that the best students do to get the top grades.

How it will work

All this will be delivered through daily emails, which you’ll receive each morning, breaking the whole thing down into bite-sized chunks. Teaching it this way will mean that you see day-by-day improvements in your attitude to learning independently at home.

I will support you further through our weekly coaching calls on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm. On 21st April this will be for parents and students, then we will alternate between students and parents.

How to sign-up

If this sounds like just what you need right now, click the link below to sign-up. 

Click here to sign-up to the Independent Study Course inside The Extraordinaries Club.

We start at 7 am tomorrow on Monday 20th April. However, if you're only reading this after that time, you can still join the club and start receiving the daily emails of the course at any time.

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