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[14] Does your child need a private tutor with Adam Muckle

Have you ever considered employing a subject tutor for your child? In this episode of The School Success Formula I discuss the whole business of private tutoring with Adam Muckle, the president of The Tutors’ Association. Primarily we focus on the question, ‘Does your child need a private tutor?’ but we cover many other aspects […]

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[13] How to support your teenager at the start of the school year

We’re still very early in the academic year so I thought that now would be a good time to share some ideas about how to support your teenager to make sure that they’re getting off to a good start. If you help them to lay good foundations for academic work now the effects will last […]

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How to prepare for The Exam Success Formula

If you’re thinking about signing up for The Exam Success Formula you might be wondering what you need to do to prepare. The Exam Success Formula is my course for parents and students that teaches the study skills, mindset and habits needed to reach your child’s academic potential. It starts on 16th September 2017 and […]

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[12] How to nurture grit in your teen with Caren Baruch-Feldman

In this episode of The School Success Formula I interview Caren Baruch-Feldman, a clinical psychologist and a certified school psychologist from Scarsdale, New York. We talk about her book, The Grit Guide for Teens, and discuss how parents can help their teens to develop a grittier attitude in all areas of their lives. What we cover in […]

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[11] Successfully stepping up to the sixth form with Martin Griffin

In this episode of The School Success Formula I interview Martin Griffin, a former Head of Sixth form with twenty years of teaching experience and co-author of The A-Level Mindset about how students can successfully make the notoriously tricky transition from GCSE studies to studying for their A Levels. What we cover in this episode […]

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[10] The Ultimate Guide to the Academic Year: What Parents Should Expect When and Why

When you’re supporting your child to achieve their full potential at school it’s really helpful to understand the shape and dynamics of the academic year. It’s really all about long-term time-management – knowing what they should be doing and focusing on in each season of the school year. In this episode of The School Success […]

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[9] Overcoming Barriers to learning with Sheila Mulvenney

In this episode of The School Success Formula I interview Sheila Mulvenney about overcoming barriers to learning. Barriers to learning come in many different forms, from temporary emotional upsets to long-term special educational needs such as dyslexia. In this episode we cover a broad range of barriers to learning and talk about what parents can […]

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