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How to keep your GCSE and A Level results in perspective

As the results days for GCSEs and A Levels draw nearer there’s a high probability that you’re losing sleep over your results. You probably remember that results day is coming along several times per day and get a sick feeling in your stomach and shivers down your spine. Your worry levels are through the roof. […]

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What universities really look for: Top tips from a University Lecturer

If you’re applying to university you’re probably slightly befuddled about what lecturers and admissions tutors are actually looking for. That’s why I was so excited to speak to Eleanor Snare, teaching fellow at the School of Design at the University of Leeds. Eleanor teaches third year students, supervises dissertations, and is heavily involved with open […]

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How to edit a UCAS personal statement (video)

  Ugh! What a nightmare… You’ve spent hours writing your personal statement, brainstorming everything you’ve done that makes you the perfect candidate for your course, crafting an opening sentence and tweaking your words. However, you’re way over the 4,000 character limit that UCAS puts on personal statements and you have no idea what to cut […]

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How to Avoid Cliches in Your Personal Statement

When you sit down to write your personal statement for the first time it can be really tempting to use age-old cliches like ‘I’ve always been fascinated by…’ or ‘I have a deep and enduring admiration for nurses/doctors/midwives’. However, you can quite easily avoid these cliches and I’m going to show you exactly how in today’s […]

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Personal statement: How to bring colour, life and orginality to your personal statement

When an admissions tutor reads your personal statement you want them to sit up and take notice. But, how do you do that? One way is by bringing colour, life and orginality to your writing. However, this can be really tough, especially when you’ve studied the same A-Level syllabus as thousands of other applicants all […]

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