[44] Using Social Media Safely In Our Connected World With Simon Aston

cyberbullying1/10 young people access the internet between midnight and 6 am. Where and how do you draw the line with your children using social media and the internet as a parent? In this episode of The School Success Formula, we are joined by Simon Aston, Northamptonshire’s Online Safety Officer, as he shares how the power of self-esteem and critical thinking amongst young people enables them to use the internet positively. We explore issues with safeguarding, cyberbullying, and how to best use these tools of communication.

About Simon

As the Online Safety Officer for Northamptonshire, Simon travels around the country and provides sessions in schools and for parents, youth clubs, social works and councillors. He works very closely with the police around online safety and self-esteem. He is passionate about mental health, safeguarding, critical thinking and resilience, following his motto:

“Do more things that make you forget to check your phone”

What we discuss on the show

How much time parents should allow their children to spend on social media

How parents can set healthy limits around the use of social media

The alternatives to blocking and banning sites

Mean of ‘digital resilience’

How parents can help their children use social media safely

Signs of cyberbullying

Free apps and the data they capture and use from users

Rethink how parents use technology and social media themselves

Connect with Simon



Life In Likes – the Children’s Commissioner’s report

YouTube – Still Face Experiment

UK Safer Internet Centre

Bullying & Online Safety – Northamptonshire Gov UK

Childnet International



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