[20] Start Your Career Right with Alex Webb

Start your career right with Alex Webb

Are you wondering how your child is successfully going to make the transition from education to the workplace? In this episode of The School Success Formula I talk to Alex Webb, co-founder of Flying Start XP about how to develop the skills that are valued in the workplace and aren't taught in school.

About Alex

Alex Webb is the co-founder of Flying Start XP, a company running workshops for students struggling to change their mindset from student to business. Alex has a wide-ranging career having started out as a teacher, lecturer and sports coach before moving into events. Later, she worked with one of the dragons from Dragons’ Den creating programmes for entrepreneurs in a start-up business. Alex is now teaching everything she learned in business to young people aspiring to make of a success of themselves in that world.

What you can expect to hear in this episode

How Alex came to work with one of the dragons from Dragon's Den and what it was like to work with them

What the key skills are that young people need to thrive in the private sector that they’re not currently being taught in school.

How the skills you learn at university are similar and different to the skills you need in the workplace.

How young people can develop the skills that are in demand in the workplace.

What the differences are between working for very large businesses, SMEs and being an entrepreneur.

Whether going to university is worth the money and what the alternatives are.

The importance of networking and what Alex means by closed and open networks.

Useful links

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Where to find out more about Alex and Flying Start XP

Flying Start XP website: www.flyingstartxp.com

Twitter: @flyingstartxp

Linkedin: Flying Start XP

Facebook: Flying Start XP

Alex will be at the National Graduate and Recruitment Fair in Birmingham on 3rd and 4th November delivering a seminar on the importance of having a ‘Creative Edge in Business’ as part of their Business Skills programme. So if anyone is around, then do go and listen as they take place 3 times each day.

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