How to stop mock exams from ruining your Christmas holiday

How to stop mock exams from ruining your Christmas holiday (1)It sucks. Teachers schedule mock exams every January. That means, if you're a conscientious student, that you need to spend the Christmas holidays revising. However, you don't have to let revision ruin your Christmas holidays. Here are my top tips on stopping revision from ruining the most wonderful time of the year.

How to stop mock exams from ruining your Christmas holiday

1. Schedule in your days off

Keep certain days sacred over the holiday. You choose which ones but make sure you allocate certain days when you won't be studying. If it was me I'd pick Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year's day, possibly finishing early on New Year's Eve.

You may also have family parties or special events scheduled. Block them out as fun time in your diary, calendar or planner now.

2. Prioritise your revision

Use the red, amber, green system to prioritise the things you need to focus on most. What I mean by this is go through your specification or syllabus and rank everything listed for how well you understand it. Red means you're clueless, amber means you get it but it needs some work. Green means you're comfortable and confident with that area of knowledge.

Your task is to focus firstly on the red bits, then the amber bits.

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3. Make a revision plan

When you've got a revision plan in place you know exactly what you need to do each day when you get up in the morning. There's no need to procrastinate while you decide what to study. All you have to do is get on with it.

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3. Do power hours

Power hours are THE most effective way to revise. That's because they incorporate exam practice as well as learning and repeating content knowledge. Power hours are high stakes revision that really make a difference.

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4. Use a timer

Time every study session that you do. Set the timer for your optimum concentration time (anything from 20 to 60 minutes) and focus entirely on your revision. When the timer goes off take a break.

5. Incentivise yourself

Every time you sit down for a study session know how you're going to treat yourself when it ends. Maybe you'll help yourself to a chocolate off the Christmas tree, do some Christmas karoke with your Santa hat on or watch your favourite Christmas movie wearing the slippers that Aunty Sue gave you. Just give yourself something to look forward to.

Every time you sit down for a study session know how you're going to treat yourself when it ends. Share on X

6. Make sure you're revising in a way that suits you

While you're revising you should always be checking in with yourself asking, “Is this going in? Is this revision working?” If it's not working then you need to change it up.

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7. Remove distractions

If you're easily distracted by your phone, that fabulous new guitar you got for Christmas or the riveting novel you just can't put down get them out of sight while you're revising. The closer these distractions are to you the more likely they are to get in the way of your revision. You'll then fritter hours away that you should have been using to revise, get stressed and cross with yourself. Exactly the reverse of Christmas cheer.

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Over to you

It's miserable having to revise over the Christmas holiday but try to keep the bigger picture in mind. All the revision you do now is building towards your success in your summer exams. The more effort you put in now, the easier the summer will be for you. And, when there's a mince pie (my favourite) waiting downstairs as a special revision treat, there's hardly a better time of year to keep you pushing through the resistance for the incentive at the end.

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