“How is The Extraordinaries Club different to your book?”

What's the difference between The Extraordinaries Club and The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever TakeIf you're considering joining The Extraordinaries Club, my online membership programme for families to help them through the exam years of GCSEs and A Levels, you might be wondering how it's different to my book, The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take.

In this blog post I'll explain the differences and help you decide whether you're fine with just the book or whether you'd benefit from joining the club.

What are the differences between The Extraordinaries Club and The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take?

1. The content

The content of the course is similar to that in my book, The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take, but I have changed, updated and added to it.

2. Access to me

Inside The Extraordinaries Club you get direct access to me for as long as you're a member in the private Facebook groups and the weekly coaching calls. That means that you can ask the kind of personal questions about your own situation that you just can’t when all you’ve got is the book. You will get thorough and personalised answers because I have time dedicated to you and the other club members. And once you're a client you're always a client and I'll take your questions seriously.

3. Accountability

You get more accountability by joining the club. Whether you need this depends a bit on whether you have the kind of personality that needs accountability or not. If you've read the book cover to cover and have done all the exercises in the workbook, and you're a highly motivated self-starter then maybe you don't need the club. But if you need to have deadlines and something to turn up for to get things done then the club will be helpful to you.

4. You need to hear things more than once

Sometimes people don't get things the first time around – so even if you have read the book you may not be applying all the ideas properly. The club will give you another chance to understand everything as well as time and space devoted to going into everything more deeply.

5. It's a different format

The course is a different format – rather than just sitting around and reading the book, the club contains lots of very short videos telling you what to do with the emphasis on you going away and getting on with the set tasks. This will suit some learning styles better than reading the book. Basically, the club is all about taking action.

6. The content for parents is completely new

I've discovered through working with parents that they need just as much help with all this stuff, and knowing exactly how to support your son or daughter, as students do. By getting you up to speed on all of these things and establishing ways of communicating about it with your child you'll reduce the need to nag and stem the worry about the exams process because you all totally understand the process and have established productive ways of communicating about it.

7. Just in time information

When you're a member of The Extraordinaries Club I will let you know what you need and when, so that you can get the information you need at that point in time. I can't do that when you're sitting at home reading my book.

Ready to join?

Or, maybe you just want to find out more. Check out all the details of The Extraordinaries Club, and join when you're ready, using the link below.

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