9 Common Concerns about Signing up for The Exam Success Formula

Signing up for The Exam Success Formula is a big decision. It’s not a small investment and there’s the time commitment to consider as well. It’s only natural for you to weigh up this decision carefully. In order to help you make the right decision I’ve highlighted ten common concerns about signing up for the […]

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14 reasons to sign up for The Exam Success Formula

We’re getting to the serious part of the academic year now and people are starting to take exams very, very seriously. If you’re wondering how to increase your child’s sense of purpose, self-discipline and determination you should consider signing up for my study skills course for parents and students, The Exam Success Formula. It’s designed […]

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How to keep your GCSE and A Level results in perspective

As the results days for GCSEs and A Levels draw nearer there’s a high probability that you’re losing sleep over your results. You probably remember that results day is coming along several times per day and get a sick feeling in your stomach and shivers down your spine. Your worry levels are through the roof. […]

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