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14 reasons to join The Extraordinaries Club

It’s the beginning of the academic year and if you/your child want to take your/their exams seriously there is never a better time to start than now. If you’re wondering how to increase your child’s sense of purpose, self-discipline and determination you should consider signing up for my new club for parents and students, The […]

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How to work with me in 2018-19

Does your child need help with their study skills? Are they lacking focus, or aren’t sure how to get their plans for revision underway way? I’m here to help. Work with me this year, and I’ll help your child get the best grades possible in their upcoming exams. There are a few different ways we […]

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What to Expect in Year 11

Are you starting Year 11? You’re already halfway through your GCSE studies, so you are familiar with the work, but what can you expect at school this year?     What to Expect in Year 11 This is a big year for you, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and daunted at the prospect of […]

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